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Everyone at the National Center for Homeopathy LOVES homeopathy, and we hope you do too!

Since February is often associated with love, this month we are sharing the best homeopathic remedies and tips to help you confidently support everyone you LOVE - friends, family and animal pals too!

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We hope the information that follows helps to make February a happy, healthy heart-filled month!
February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day!
A Homeopathy Story

A special feature in honor of the animals we LOVE!
Homeopathy Today often includes articles and case studies written by Veterinarian Homeopaths
When Rover is Limping
Help for Bone and Joint Injuries
By Todd Cooney, DVM CVH

"One-year-old Ruby, a large mixed-breed dog, jumped out of a moving truck and sustained a pelvic fracture. She arrived in my office after being told by another clinic that she would never recover unless she received immediate care from an orthopedic specialist. Euthanasia was the only other option offered to her owners. When I examined Ruby, all vital signs were normal, and x-rays confirmed a left-side pelvic fracture and intact left hip joint. Ruby could not stand, and she whimpered if anyone approached her or reached out to touch her. Because Ruby’s response to her pain was similar to that seen with pets (and humans) who respond to the remedy Arnica montana, I gave her Arnica CM and carefully placed her on a thick blanket in a quiet area of my clinic. An hour later, I gave her one more dose of Arnica CM. Because she seemed to be more comfortable after the second dose, I turned out the light and told Ruby good night.

The next morning, I arrived to find Ruby standing, wagging her tail, and barking! By midday, she walked short distances, and even occasionally put weight on the fractured side. At this point, I stopped giving Arnica and prescribed Symphytum 10M once daily for a week, and then one dose weekly for three weeks. Symphytum, a remedy derived from the comfrey plant (also called boneset in herbal medicine), is known for promoting the union of fractured bones. Along with the remedy recommendation, I gave Ruby’s owners strict orders that she get more rest for the coming month. Ruby recovered remarkably well, and, at her one-month appointment, she hardly had any lameness"!

Excerpt from "Homeopathy Today" Fall 2021
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Homeopathy can help a person (and pets!) address short-term concerns. For longer-lived or chronic conditions consult your medical professional and find a professional homeopathic practitioner here:
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Homeopathy for Winter Wellness
Spotlight Remedies
Coughs are never fun.
Homeopathy can help when it seems like nothing else can

Use Keynote symptoms to help narrow down the remedy choices.

These are just a few of many possibilities. For more suggestions visit the Materia Medica on the NCH website at the link below:
For longer-term disturbances, consult a professional.
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