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It's Back to School Time ...
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"Is summer really over? But it's still sunny and warm outside!"

Back to School unofficially marks the end of summer for many of us. The annual shift back into schedules can be overwhelming to the body and may bring on back-to-school ailments. Homeopathy helps ease the way with remedy support for colds, coughs, stress, and more.

To see homeopathy in action, read this excerpt from Coughs, Colds, & Kids by Debbie Swanson, ND, originally featured in Homeopathy Today Autumn 2017.
Jake - High School Student

Fifteen-year-old "Jake" recently came to see me complaining of a cold that had started three days earlier and was getting worse. His cough was dry and his chest and stomach muscles hurt when he coughed."

On examining Jake, I observed redness in the back of his throat with enlarged, red tonsils. He also had swollen lymph nodes in his neck. His cough sounded dry and barking, and it came in short fits. He had a slightly elevated temperature. His lungs sounded normal.

Because I had treated Jake with a constitutional remedy in the past, I considered whether he would benefit from another dose of that remedy or whether he needed a new remedy aimed at his acute cold symptoms. I decided to prescribe an acute remedy aimed at his cold symptoms and chose Spongia based on the barking sound of his cough, enlarged glands, other cold symptoms, and exhaustion.

He told me that he had noticeable improvement in his symptoms within the first day of taking the Spongia 30c. He took a few more doses the next day and recovered quickly from his cold and cough, with no lingering symptoms. He expressed surprise that he had felt better so quickly. In the past, Jake would often be ill for weeks at a time after getting a cold.
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Homeopathy Research
Back to School Concerns

Homeopathy helped ease childhood cough as well as medical treatment, and those using homeopathy had fewer side effects.

Does additional antimicrobial treatment have a better effect on URTI cough resolution than homeopathic symptomatic therapy alone? A real-life preliminary observational study in a pediatric population 5 October 2015 Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine. 2015,10:25 Zanasi A, Cazzato S, Mazzolini M, Ierna CM, Mastroroberto M, Nardi E, Morselli-Labate AM

Individualized homeopathic treatment decreases the duration of acute childhood diarrhea. Also, homeopathy should be considered for use as an adjunct to oral rehydration for this illness.

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