“In 2008, Dr. David Fitton and myself met at a homeopathic conference, which was the beginning of a wonderful and professional medical collaboration. Both of us have decades of clinical practice as well as years of in-depth studies of homeopathy with some of the world’s leading homeopathic teachers. Between the two of us, we have amassed a lot of rich and valuable information and the question arose about how to categorize and make accessible all of this critical information in our day to day work.”

“The answer came when we learned about a program called DEVONthink, a marvelous and sophisticated searchable database. This software has now become the repository for ALL of our shared remedy information and case successes. With what now continues to be a long term productive partnership, we have arranged and tagged this database so that it can be quickly searched for themes that may easily be recognized in patients and yet frustratingly do not appear in our current repertories like 'feels like a victim' or 'disconnected from the body' and very much more.”

“We have created Family files, Emotional files and even unique Physical files. For example, Anger has many forms of expression and origins. The anger of Leptandra or Lycopodium, is very different in nature than the anger of the Solanacea family. All of this is detailed in our work… Anger from betrayal, Anger repressed, Anger from abandonment, Anger from inadequacy, etc.”

“It is painstaking, extensive and exciting work that continues to improve the care of our patients as well as deepen our knowledge and resources of information.”