“Homeopathy Delaware, a study group in Newark, Delaware, conducts informal, interactive meetings educating the participants on how to use homeopathy at home. We also have participants from tri-state New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Homeopaths come here to speak on various topics.”

“I initially started attending these meetings just to be connected with homeopathy in every way I can and soon I was a part of the teaching team because we teach and learn homeopathy here. To help spread the word about our group happenings, our study group has its own website.”

“Being part of a study group has helped us understand how people are desperate to use homeopathic medicines for minor illnesses on their family, friends and pets. We also had an opportunity recently to promote homeopathy through a health fair at a religious center and at YMCA during their Wellness Week. The study group has given me an opportunity to be connected with fellow homeopaths around me. I think we all should be involved in one to spread the positivity of homeopathy.”
Homeopathy in Action: Seven Ways to Promote Homeopathy Beyond Your Practice

If you missed the CHC's presentation at JAHC, we’ve included the slides here.
Endorsed by 20+ Homeopathy Organizations

Americans for Homeopathy Choice has petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) to adopt a set of rules governing homeopathic medicines that do a far better job of protecting consumer interests than the agency’s proposed rules released for comment late last year.

A Citizens’ Petition submitted under the federal Administrative Procedure Act by Americans for Homeopathy Choice requests that the FDA revise its draft guidance.