Professional Liability Insurance for Homeopathic Practitioners

Historically, CCH practitioners seeking professional and general liability insurance faced several challenges - high costs, slow approval processes, no options for emergency response and limited geographic availability. With this in mind, the CHC Insurance Task Force gathered information and pieced together the CHC insurance puzzle.

Based on the Task Force’s findings, the CHC is pleased to recommend a new insurance option from Westminster Group Insurance for the following five reasons:

  • Professional Liability Policy annual cost $300 - 40% savings over previously recommended policy.

  • Bundled Professional and General Liability packages annual cost $600 - 40% savings over previously recommended professional liability policy plus a separate general liability policy.

  • Fast policy approval in 15 minutes - from start of online application to receiving emailed policy.

  • Emergency response option annual cost $100 - Non-insured CCH can be added to an insured CCH’s policy.

  • Availability in the US and Canada

Why Purchase Insurance?

Homeopathic practitioners are trained to handle all types of situations that may develop as a result of client interactions. Insurance coverage offers added outside support for practitioners, so they can manage situations and get back to their main focus - helping clients.

Professional liability insurance covers errors and omissions allegations made against practitioners. In addition, general liability coverage, which is an endorsement to the professional liability policy, protects practitioners from bodily injury and property damage allegations including, but not limited to, slip-and-fall claims.

General Liability insurance also includes protection against personal injury allegations such as libel, slander, false advertisement and alleged incidents involving social media.

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