Homes of Promise 

 Restoring History
 Restoring Lives
Homes  of Promise continues to pour hope into men's lives. Their success is our success with several men completing our one year program.
David Alvarez, Michael Bazillius,
Mitch Galizzi, Michael Payne, 
Tony Albin  and  Christopher Adams 
(Izzy's Place La Verne - Assistant Manager)

Ray Adamyk, Executive Director of Homes  of Promise, is featured in the Fall issue  of Who's Who Magazine! 

Rob Redmon
Clive Raharuhi
House of David  
Rob is joining us, serving 
as our Associate Director. Rob is a certified life 
coach and Community Chaplain.

Helping others who are struggling is Rob's
greatest joy. It is  his compassion   and desire
to serve, that   has brought  him to Homes of Promise.

Married for 34 years to Karen,they have 2 children
 - Michelle  and Tim, and 6 grandchildren. He loves camping, fishing,  hiking 
and skydiving.
We are blessed to have
Clive as a part of our team.
He brings with him a spirit
of discernment, passion
and love for God's children.

Clive will be serving as our Development Director.

Married Johanna Albright Raharuhi  

Pastor David Barrett had heard of Homes of Promise and Friday Night Light in early July 2016 and started attending Celebrate Recovery with the men and women of his homes. The blessing of having their presence speaks of God's faithfulness.
Matthew 11:28 "Come to me
all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."

"A Restoration Home for Every Church in America and Around the World"
To provide men who are broken with a safe environment of love, grace,
support and accountability. To lead men to Christ and full restoration.