Old YMCA  "The Village"  Pomona
Ray Adamyk, Executive Director for Homes of Promise, recently purchased the Historic YMCA in Pomona. The site is being restored to provide creative office space for non-profits, meeting & event space, residential living, and a Coffee Bar/CafĂ©. Stay tuned for more.   View Press Release
"The Meeting"
Ryan Ries from the Whosoevers was our guest speaker. His story is another example of the power of Jesus Christ in transforming lives. Ryan and The Whosoevers are making a huge impact for Christ amongst the millennials and Generation-Z. They have been touring high schools and middle schools and amazing things are happening! V isit them at thewhosoevers.com

Adrian Collazo        Dave Stuart
Chris Adams           Mike Aguirre
We are pleased to introduce new staff members.  Adrian joined the team as Executive Assistant, and Dave as the Director of Development.  View Their Bios
We are pleased to announce that Chris and Mike have completed our program. We would like to extend our congratulations!

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