May 11, 2020
Hello HC Families!

You did it! You've made it to Session 14! We have the regular pre-recorded lessons, homework, and Google Meets. But there are no Fast Five Feedbacks for Session 14!

Adjusting to distance learning has pushed back our release of fall class schedules and registration. We will email you first when we have those ready!

Have a great week!
Your Homeschool Connections Team
Summary of how Distance Learning works:
  • Monday: New session begins. New recordings to watch are posted in Orbund along with homework.
  • Tuesday: Classes meet online to interact with teachers in real time.
  • Wednesday: Classes meet online to interact with teachers in real time.
Reminder of Session Dates:
  • Session 14 is May 11 - May 17
Up Coming Events
Registration is opening soon
Registration is opening later than we had hoped due to the transition to distance learning. But if you're ready to add another student to our program, fill out the application here (this link is not for new families).

Projects from Campus
Projects that were stored on campus will be available for pick up this summer. Details will be announced when the "Stay at Home" Order is lifted.

Yearbooks have arrived!
  • Pick them up from our office in Auburn Hills after the "stay at home" order has been lifted.
  • Come to our end of the year picnic - hangout and sign yearbooks!

End of the Year Picnic has been postponed. Date and location are to be determined. We will email you when there is an update.

Teacher Showcase and Science Fair
Science Fair has been cancelled. We are looking to reschedule the Teacher Showcase in fall, possibly combining with another event.
If you'd like to show off your child's hard work, please send a photo to to be posted to our public Facebook page.

SHARE: Information Meetings and New Parent Orientations
These have gone virtual! Follow our Facebook Page to see when we are going live! Please share and tag any friends interested in joining our program in the fall.

Concerning Family Balances
Balances Are Now Due!

First of all, thank you to our families who have paid their balances in full! As a small business we appreciate that you are remembering us and the services we have provided your family. 

I’m sure you have noticed I have been sending out invoices as a reminder that your bill is due. We extended our deadline for payments through April 24, now that April 24th has come and gone we ask those of you who still have a balance to please pay it or reach out to me so we can discuss a plan to pay off your balance. We are willing to work with you, but need to have contact. 

If you are unsure whether or not you have a balance, simply log on to Orbund and check your account. 

Registration will be opening SOON and any previous balance must be paid in full before you can register for classes. 

As you know, we have reduced our lunch and study hall fees by 50% this semester, which is reflected in your account. If you now have a credit because of the reduction of those fees, it will be applied to next semester's class fees, not registration fees. 

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

~ Pam Koskinen
248-710-0360 x 2017
Director of Finance
Helpful Links
You can also find these links on our website (Menu > About Us > Current Families > Distance Learning) and on the Start Page in Orbund .

If you need assistance, please contact our Help Line at 248-710-0360 ext. 2006 or .
Best Ways to Contact Us
If you have  campus operation questions , please reach out to Shelly at or 248-710-0360 ext. 2016.

If you have  family financial account questions , please ask Pam at or 248-710-0360 ext. 2017.

For  faculty questions , please speak with Ruth at or 248-710-0360 ext. 2019.

For Current Families that need  help with Orbund, distance learning technology or if you don't know who to contact , contact our Help Line at or 248-710-0360 ext. 2006.

For  Newsletter or Marketing inquiries , please contact Vickie at or 248-710-0360 ext. 2007.