April 20, 2020
Dear Homeschool Connections Families,

Summary of how Distance Learning works:
  • Monday: New session begins. New recordings to watch are posted in Orbund along with homework. Fast Five Feedbacks are posted.
  • Tuesday: Classes meet online to interact with teachers in real time.
  • Wednesday: Classes meet online to interact with teachers in real time.

A personal message to you our families:
Reminder of Session Dates:
Shout out to our teachers and families for a highly successful transition to Distance Learning! There were a few bumps, but with everyone being patient, we're getting through this together!
Helpful Links
You can also find these links on our website (Menu > About Us > Current Families > Distance Learning) and on the Start Page in Orbund .

If you need assistance, please contact our Help Line at 248-710-0360 ext. 2006 or help@MiHomeschoolConnections.com .
Concerning Family Balances
Balance were originally due April 3rd.

In light of the many changes brought on by COVID-19, we understand that some of our families have been financially impacted, possibly creating stress and hardship as bills become due.

Under normal circumstances, balances were due by April 3rd, but we understand that some may need more time and therefore we can offer an extension of payments through April 24th.

If you are able, we kindly ask that you make every effort to pay your balance in full by April 3rd. If you cannot make this deadline please reach out to me via email or phone so that we can set up a payment arrangement.

Our classes will now be in the format of distance learning and will resume on April 6th. Our teachers and staff have worked very hard over these past three weeks preparing for this new way of teaching and we are excited to be able to offer all of our classes (with the exception of Woodshop) to you in this way! What a great opportunity, despite these difficult days, for your child to continue to learn! Therefore, we will not be giving refunds for classes. We have reduced our lunch and study hall fees by 50%, which is reflected in your account. If you now have a credit because of the reduction of those fees, it will be applied to next semester. 

Remember that district funding does not pay for registration fees, lunch, study hall, certain science lecture classes and any other class that they have told you they will not cover. These fees are due April 3.

Over the next few weeks, statements will be emailed out to families who have a balance, but remember you can always go on Orbund to see your balance.

All district funding credits have been applied, any amount left on your account is now your responsibility.
If you have any questions please email me at accounting@mihomeschoolconnections.com. 
Thank you - Pam Koskinen 
Best Ways to Contact Us
If you have  campus operation questions , please reach out to Shelly at Shelly@MiHomeschoolConnections.com or 248-710-0360 ext. 2016.

If you have  family financial account questions , please ask Pam at accounting@MiHomeschoolConnections.com or 248-710-0360 ext. 2017.

For  faculty questions , please speak with Ruth at Ruth@MiHomeschoolConnections.com or 248-710-0360 ext. 2019.

For Current Families that need  help with Orbund, distance learning technology or if you don't know who to contact , contact our Help Line at Help@MiHomeschoolConnections.com or 248-710-0360 ext. 2006.

For  Newsletter or Marketing inquiries , please contact Vickie at Vickie@MiHomeschoolConnections.com or 248-710-0360 ext. 2007.