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LUNCH and Playground/ Refresh time
This week for $5 we are serving pizza, a snack and a drink. 8th- 12th grade students are allowed to eat outside at the picnic tables when there is a designated monitor to be with them.   
NEW: In bad weather 8th- 12h grade students will have a designated room upstairs for lunch (Tu/ Th 213 and on Wed. 203).   
Lunch for 1st- 4th grade is served at 11:00 and for 5th- 12th grade at 11:30.  There is a third lunch period and included 30 min. activity hall 12:00- 1:00 for any student of any grade who has an 11- 12:00 class.

Refresh/ Playground time is 11:00-11:30 for 5th- 12th grade in the open yard in front of the church's white columned porch at the sanctuary entrance with Maureen Allison.  Playground time or games for 1st through 4th is at 11:30 (after their lunch). 

Snacks for sale in the lunch room between 11:00 and 2:00
Lunch cards that we keep on file for your child are for sale in the HSP office if you'd rather pre-pay for several weeks at once.

We sent in two full bags this week to recycle!!!   Thank you!!!

Recycle~Reuse~Raise $ SNEAKERS!

Athletic style and casual sneakers can be recycled!
In partnership with Got Sneakers HSP will earn $1 for each pair of wearable sneakers we send in (free shipping!) We are now collecting pairs of sneakers near the information desk and will mail them in for HSP each month.

Our partnership with Gotsneakers is ONLY for sneakers NOT dress shoes, boots, flip-flops or slippers.  Thank you!

The wearable sneakers are sent to areas like West Africa and the Caribbean where many people go without shoes. Promote this good cause with friends and family and have fun seeing how many pairs of wearable sneakers you can gather!

HSP theme for 2019-2020
Can Do!
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Phil. 4:13
Let's memorize this verse together! In Christ we are not powerless or alone. As believers we have Jesus with us ready to help us with whatever challenges we are overcoming.  This gives us hope and joy starting the new school year!
                  HSP OFFICE HOURS

We will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8:45-3:15.

Copy services 8 cents per side B&W, 20 cents per side color. We provide free notary services to registered HSP families in the office.

You can always reach us by writing to office@homeschoolplus.org or leave a message at 757-466-3477 and we will get back to you quickly!

Please stay in touch!

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