February 11, 2019 E-News
The Homestead Neighborhood Association normally meets the First Tuesday of every month, 7 p m at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center; 707 SW Gaines, Third Floor. 

Homestead News from the February NA Meeting

Residential Infill Project (RIP) was discussed. This project is very controversial because it will allow (in addition to other things) the building of multi-family housing on all lots in what are now single-family neighborhoods. The City's plan for re-zoning to allow for increased density has been a disappointment to many neighborhoods. Many residents feel they have not been given sufficient input and what has been provided has been disregarded by City Planners. The City has denied requests to extend the timeline to allow for additional study and feedback and has adopted a fast-paced approval timeline. By their own admission, public comments being considered are from the Spring of 2018 before revisions were made to the plan.

The City believes that more density equals more affordable housing. Many studies have shown this is not always the case. Portland residents have also pointed out that this blanket approach to allowing for increased infill is shortsighted; it doesn't take into consideration the lack of infrastructure in many neighborhoods and it doesn't address issues around the increased parking difficulties that will occur as a result. That would certainly be the case in the Homestead area.
  Parcel Specific Maps  are now available online.
PSC Upcoming Meetings on the Revised Proposed Draft 
  • Tuesday, February 12 - Briefing: Revised Proposed Draft (RIP is on agenda from 2 to 4 p.m.). Staff will walk the Commission through their revised proposals to see how their tentative amendments work together as a package.
  • Tuesday, February 26 and Tuesday, March 12: Work Sessions and Possible Vote
Although the PSC is not taking comments at this time, sending comments to our City Council Members seems appropriate. After all, they are our elected leaders. You can find their email addresses HERE.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

Other Interesting Increased Density Studies:

Upzoning Chicago: Impacts of a Zoning Reform on Property Values and Housing Construction . By Yonah Freemark, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA

Homestead NET (Neighborhood Emergency Teams)

Bob Bonner, Homestead Net Leader, discussed the recent conversations and work done by members of Homestead's NET.  Bob is asking Homestead residents for help with the "Map Your Neighborhood" project. This entails talking with nearby neighbors on your block to identify special needs, risks and professional expertise that might be of use in case of a large-scale emergency in which Homestead residents are isolated from city services. A meeting will be scheduled soon where all mappers can get information about this important first task of the NET. If you are interested in participating, or have skills such as engineering, medical expertise, or any other useful skill, please contact Bob at

On a similar note, Bob Bonner and Milt Jones have agreed to be the new SWNI Safety Committee Representatives for the Homestead Neighborhood.


SWIM (Southwest in Motion), is a short-term (5 year) prioritization and implementation strategy to provide basic walking and bicycling connectivity where they are most needed. Michael Harrison, Homestead's SWIM representative, shared some of the projects that hopefully will be included in the March Draft. Many were submitted from the Homestead Transportation Improvement Survey done by the Homestead NA in 2017. They include SW Gibbs Sidewalk (a one-sided sidewalk connection from SW Marquam Hill Rd to SW 11th), Hamilton Street bikeway improvements, Whitaker Trail Enhancements (an improved walking path from SW Terwilliger Blvd. to SW Barbur), Condor Lane Connection (a walkway connection from SW Terwilliger to SW Condor Lane), Marquam Hill Safer Shoulder (a walkway from SW Fairmount Blvd to SW 11th).  More information is available about SWIM at the following website.   


Emergency Preparedness Fair (sponsored by Southwest Neighborhoods) will be held 12-4:00 Sunday, March 3 at Multnomah Arts Center, 7688 Capitol Highway.

Are You Ready?
At the Fair you'll find lots of information to help you prepare for emergencies. 
Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) will have preparedness demonstrations, water safety information, pet safety tips, and crowd safety/active shooter information. Door prizes, free samples and instructional knot tying will be featured too!


The next meeting of the Homestead NA will be March 5, 2019. The agenda will be posted when confirmed. A short Board Meeting is tentatively scheduled to follow the regular meeting to discuss and possibly vote on filling the vacant Membership and Outreach Board position.


Make your voice heard.........

The year ahead will be a busy one filled with discussions and important decisions that affect the Homestead area.  If you want to be part of the conversation you can become a member using the membership form found on our website. 

Homestead also contributes to the monthly "Southwest Neighborhoods SW News".  You can subscribe online at


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Neighborhood meetings are held at 7:00pm, the first Tuesday of each month during the school year at the OHSU CDRC, 3rd Floor, SW 6th and SW Gaines Street.




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