February 28, 2019 E-News
The Homestead Neighborhood Association normally meets the First Tuesday of every month, 7 p m at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center; 707 SW Gaines, Third Floor. 

The Homestead Neighborhood Association will meet Tuesday, March 5th at 7-8:30 pm to discuss the proposed addition of parking spaces in conjunction with the OHSU Hospital Expansion. 

A short Board Meeting will follow at 8:30 pm. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and possibly vote to fill the vacant Membership Chair Position.

Please join us for this important discussion!


Why Be Concerned
The Homestead Neighborhood Association has been working for many years to reduce existing traffic and safety issues within our neighborhood. With the proposed 300 new parking spaces included with the OHSU expansion, excessive cut-through traffic and safety issues will only get worse.
We are all probably in favor of the proposed Women's and Children's programs and the Adult Acute Care services that are proposed. But we are not in favor of additional traffic that will impact traffic safety by using our neighborhood streets as cut-through routes.

Adding additional parking spaces is not the only answer for parking in this expansion. Parking for the new patient services could be located in the adjacent Campus Drive Garage or Casey Eye Garage. There are many ideas that could be discussed. To date, OHSU has proposed no alternatives.

In the overarching Marquam Hill Plan and in Title 33 of the City Code, OHSU is encouraged to reduce traffic and develop long term parking management plans that will minimize the negative effects associated with parking. Current Traffic Management plans have not produced the desired results.

We are hoping OHSU will participate in conversations with the community to learn more about traffic issues and work with residents to solve some of the excessive traffic problems that exist on Marquam Hill.

Read Homestead's initial response to the city requesting additions to the scoping documents submitted by OHSU.

What you can do

Learn about the documents that guide development on Marquam Hill. The March 5 discussion will be a chance to review the many related documents and City Code, discuss traffic impacts that will occur from the proposed development, and assist the NA in preparing a response to the applicant's proposal.

The following are OHSU submittal documents to the city related to the proposal

The regulations related to development on Marquam Hill, including the development of OHSU facilities, can be found on the Homestead website.

Homestead Guiding Documents 

2003 Marquam Hill Plan

1980 Terwilliger Parkway Corridor Plan

1980 Terwilliger Parkway Design Guidelines

1983 Terwilliger Parkway Corridor Plan - Appendix B - Traffic Analysis

City Code- Title 33.555, Marquam Hill Plan District

City Code - Title 33.849, Marquam Hill Parking Review

After reviewing these documents, attend the March 5 meeting. Should you choose to send comments to the city, send to the following contacts:

Robert Haley, PBOT Development Review

Arthur Graves, BDS Land Use Services

Mark Moffett, Sr. Land Use Planner

See You Tuesday March 5th - 7 pm - 707 SW Gaines - 3rd floor


Make your voice heard.........

The year ahead will be a busy one filled with discussions and important decisions that affect the Homestead area.  If you want to be part of the conversation you can become a member using the membership form found on our website. 

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Jackie Phillips 
Vice-President, Homestead Neighborhood Association 

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Neighborhood meetings are held at 7:00pm, the first Tuesday of each month during the school year at the OHSU CDRC, 3rd Floor, SW 6th and SW Gaines Street.




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