February/March 2017 ENews
The Homestead Neighborhood Association normally meets the First Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center; 707 SW Gaines, Third Floor. 
Homestead Neighborhood Association will not meet in March.  The next meeting is April 4, 2017 pm.  Check the website for draft February minutes and the April agenda when complete.

Double Header for Homestead Natural Areas Restoration

Working with our partners, Friends of Terwilliger and Portland Parks and Recreation, we will be planting native plants and removing invasives in the vicinity of Terwilliger Blvd and Bancroft Street on March 18. Please join us!

If you have young children bring them along; planting small native plants is a great way to introduce children to taking care of this wonderful place we live. We have small work gloves, experts to assist, and lots of plants. As always, we still have the invasives to pull or dig out. We'll start at 9 and go to noon. Come for as long as you can. Meet at the picnic table by the bathrooms at Terwilliger and Hamilton. Questions: call Susan Egnor at 503-939-3828 or email

Trails on un-built Rights of Way

Homestead's final list of Trails on un-built Rights of Way was approved at a recent NA meeting. The list will be forwarded to SW Trails and a t some to be determined date, SW Trails will send the package of nominations including other neighborhood nominations to the SWIM project manager who will determine cost and set priorities. After a public comment period and staff review, the recommended trails will go to Portland City Council.

Please note that the marked up photos show the current use paths.  The actual trail, if built might be anywhere in the ROW.  The data (elevation, distance and location) is approximate.

The trail list includes: 

1. Whitaker St. ROW: From US Veteran's Hospital Rd to Marquam Hill Rd, which would be in multiple sections. Some are kind of steep, but would connect to Marquam Nature Park trail and provide a way up that isn't on a major traffic route.

2. Curry St. ROW: would need fewer sections to be built than Whitaker but is otherwise a very similar route to the Whitaker ROW. A combination of both Curry and Whitaker alignments might be a possible alternative.

3. Bancroft from Hamilton Terrace to Terwilliger. Steep, but also connects directly to crosswalk across Terwilliger, a bus stop at that crosswalk, and the steps that continue to upper section of Bancroft. This would also allow easy avoidance of SW Homestead Dr., which has no sidewalks and lots of traffic. Likely would need some stairs.

4. Lowell Street connecting Condor with Eagle Point, as well as Lowell Lane. PP&R is working on an Eagle Point Plan for access; however, a simple foot trail might be a lower impact alternative. Lowell Street is steep and might be a construction challenge. The Lowell Lane loop was designated within the Terwilliger Plan, and would be easy/cheap to build as it is already graded.

5. 12th Ave between Gaines and Curry. Already has a bit of a trail, but needs to be clearly marked/visible. Could get high use and needs rehab.
If you have questions or comments about this project, email Aaron Clemons at 
Neighborhood Transportation Priorities

Homestead is now beginning discussions to review and prioritize
neighborhood transportation priorities to be submitted to the city for the citywide Transportation System Plan. The 2014 transportation priority list was used as a starting point to create the following draft 2017 list.

1. Sidewalks on Gibbs and Marquam Hill Rd: this has been included into the City Transportation System Plan but is not complete.

2. So Portland Circulation Project: basically, to get folks from Rt. 26 on the West side to the Ross Island bridge. Right now the major congestion in Homestead and in this region is mainly due to the lack of a good connection here, and this even dramatically affects and contributes to the congestion on the hill.

3-8. Sidewalk projects in the neighborhood or pedestrian accommodations.

9-10. Marquam traffic calming to slow down traffic and reduce cut-throughs. An additional thought is adding round mirrors at the corners on upper Bancroft to improve visibility for drivers that scream around the turn. OHSU may try to help with planning efforts, but city needs to be engaged to enact traffic calming, and that this had been a problem in the past as the city did not consider it a high priority or have enough funding/personnel.

Questions about this project can be emailed to Ed at

SW Corridor Plan

The SW Corridor Plan, particularly the Marquam Hill/Barbur/Naito Connector, is of particular interest to the Homestead Neighborhood Association and OHSU. This project could provide improved transportation options for OHSU, reduce traffic issues, and improve pedestrian safety and benefit the Homestead area as well. OHSU is considering hiring a consultant to help OHSU provide input into the environmental impact statement process. The consultant would be receptive to considering Neighborhood Association input, including the NA's desire not to have an at-grade crossing on Terwilliger.   This topic will continue to be discussed at the meetings as new information becomes available. 

There will not be a March meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled for April 4, 7pm.  

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Jackie Phillips 
Vice-President, Homestead Neighborhood Association 

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