June 1, 2018 E-News
The Homestead Neighborhood Association normally meets the First Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center; 707 SW Gaines, Third Floor.

Important Homestead NA meeting June 5, 7:00 at 707 SW Gaines 3rd Floor.
Crime Prevention is on the agenda for the June meeting. We will have a presentation and discussion with Jenni Pullen, Crime Prevention Coordinator and Neighborhood Response Team Officer, Mathew Jacobsen. It will be a great time to have conversations about the many recent car burglaries, and the many homeless camps that continue to appear in the Terwilliger Parkway and Marquam Trail areas of our neighborhood.

The agenda also includes 2018 -19 Board Member Elections. Board positions include President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Membership and Outreach Chair and two Director-at-large positions. Currently the Membership and Outreach Chair position will be vacant in June. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else (with their permission of course), contact Ed Fischer, President at You must be a member to vote. Click HERE to become a voting member.

We are adding time to begin a discussion regarding a proposed new development for a 7 story, 103 unit long-term stay hotel at 836 & 904 SW Gibbs (intersection of Veterans Hospital Road and Gibbs. They are only providing 36 off-street parking spaces and requesting a variance or height adjustment to build from 45' in height to 74.5'. Also in the request is an adjustment to reduce the size of the loading docks from 35'longX10'wideX13'high to 18'X9'X10'. You can find the notice along with drawings at We have until June 14 to respond.


Other News
Celebrate Our Success Event (formerly Volunteer of the Year) will be held June 4 at Multnomah Arts Center from 6:30-8:00 pm. Homestead is honoring Susan Egnor, Membership and Outreach Chair for the Homestead NA. We wish to thank her for the valuable contributions she has made on behalf of our neighborhood. 

Poster Tribute to Susan

Event Announcement

Get Ready for the August Homestead Picnic for National Night Out. The date is fast approaching. We are looking for volunteers. Plenty of jobs are available; setup, clean-up, Flyer delivery, procuring door prizes, food set-up and many more. If you are interested in helping with this popular event, contact Susan Egnor or Liz Hinds at

The TRAM (from OHSU on Marquam Hill to South Waterfront) will close for the last week in June and all of July for needed maintenance. Stay tuned for transportation updates regarding alternative options for those who use this service.


Make your voice heard.........
The year ahead will be a busy one filled with discussions and important decisions that affect the Homestead area.  If you want to be part of the conversation you can become a member using the membership form found on our website. 

Homestead also contributes to the monthly "Southwest Neighborhoods SW News".  You can subscribe online at


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Jackie Phillips 
Vice-President, Homestead Neighborhood Association 

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Neighborhood meetings are held at 7:00pm, the first Tuesday of each month during the school year at the OHSU CDRC, 3rd Floor, SW 6th and SW Gaines.

You are invited to join us for our monthly meetings and frequent park events!




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