May 2017 ENews
The Homestead Neighborhood Association normally meets the First Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center; 707 SW Gaines, Third Floor. 
Homestead Neighborhood Association will meet Tuesday, May 2, 2017 at 7pm.  The agenda will be available on the website.

The Homestead Neighborhood Association is currently working on developing priorities for some of the many transportation issues that exist on the hill.

A transportation priority list has been developed by Homestead Neighborhood Association.  The results will be forwarded to the City for review and possible inclusion in the City's transportation work.  This inclusive list is part of an online survey for persons living within the Homestead boundaries.  Survey address is 


The board is also working to renew the Marquam Hill Meter District. This  district  was created in 2009 with the objective of providing greater on-street short term parking near OHSU while at the same time providing funds for transportation improvements in the surrounding neighborhoods. The program called for revenue sharing from the installation of 16 pay station.  It was agreed that 50% of the net revenue would be set aside for implementation of Homestead's Transportation Improvement Priorities.

One project has been completed using the meter district funds.  It is the 11th Avenue sidewalk and re-paving project.  The current balance is approximately $236,000.  The Meter District Allocation Advisory Committee will reconvene and confirm Homestead's Transportation priorities.

It is thought that it might be a positive for the city when reviewing Homestead's transportation priorities, to know that it might be possible to blend some of the meter district funds with the city's should the selected projects prove to be too costly.

If you live within the Homestead boundaries, it is important that you give your opinion by taking the Homestead Transportation Priorities Survey by May 15.  The survey can be found on the Homestead website at

The Homestead Neighborhood Association will meet May 2 at 7pm.  Currently the agenda will include

  • Update on the transportation priority project and survey

  • staff from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability will attend to provide and update regarding proposed zoning changes suggested for the Upper Homestead area

  • Planning for the June Officer/Board elections

If you or someone you know are interested in serving on the Homestead Board, contact Ed Fischer at

To become a member of the Homestead Neighborhood Association.  City rules require interested persons to officially request membership in the neighborhood association.  But becoming a member is easy.  


Attend a meeting and sign up to be a member by checking a box on the sign-in sheet.  -Or-

  1. Fill out the online form at  -Or-

  2. Email your request to be a member by sending an email to      -Or-


    Mail a written request to:  Homestead Neighborhood Association, 7688 SW Capitol Highway, Portland, Oregon 97219.

Jackie Phillips 
Vice-President, Homestead Neighborhood Association 

NOTICE: If you no longer live or own property in the Homestead neighborhood and do not want to receive these emails, please reply accordingly and we will remove your email address from our list-serve.  Thank-you. 

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Neighborhood meetings are held at 7:00pm, the first Tuesday of each month during the school year at the OHSU CDRC, 3rd Floor, SW 6th and SW Gaines.

You are invited to join us for our monthly meetings and frequent park events!




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