Happy New Year!
And, just like they we begin another year. We hope it's much more prosperous and full of kindness and good things for all our residents!

Dues are Due
The dues have been sent out, and are due before the end of January. Please reach out if you need to set up payments before the end of the month in order to avoid late fees or collections.  Payments can be made via check, exact cash, or online with a convenience fee. Be sure when sending payment via bill pay or in the mail that you have the correct address including the suite number. 

Holiday D├ęcor 
Our community had lots of visitors last month looking at lights and enjoying the cheer everyone displayed. Great job to all! Unfortunately, it's time to give the reminder that decorations should be removed within 30 days of the holidays. We greatly appreciate everyone's assistance in keeping up the community standards.
Dog Waste
It's gross to discuss, but there's a lot of issues circling "dog business" these days... Please be responsible pet owners and clean up after your pet goes #2. There's complaints about these "presents" being left around the neighborhood. Please use a bag and take your pet's waste home and dispose of it in a trash receptacle. Let's avoid having to write/read about neighborhood "dog business."


Ann Marie Baird, Association Manager / Brighton Corporation

208.378.4000 / HOA@brightoncorp.com  
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 am- 4:30 pm, Friday 8 am - Noon