November 2016 News
The Homestead Neighborhood Association normally meets the First Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center; 707 SW Gaines, Third Floor. 
News from November Homestead NA Meeting

  • SW Marquam Hill Connector
Metro attended the November 1 st meeting and gave Homestead membership and Friends of Terwilliger a chance to comment on refined concepts for the connector from Barbur/Naito to OHSU.  They are planning to submit 2 (maybe 3) concepts to move the project toward the environmental review process.
The two most probable concepts that will be moved forward are an elevator from Barbur/Naito to a plaza space (near the synagogue) where a tunnel will be located that will take pedestrians up the hill and across Terwilliger.  Another tunnel and elevator near Casey Eye will transport to the 7 th floor of OHSU.
The concepts of where these locations will specifically be located are still being considered.  Projected completion for this project is 2025.
It should be noted that both Homestead NA and Friends of Terwilliger are opposed to an at-grade crossing at Terwilliger Blvd. 
These concerns were recorded in the Metro Meeting Notes.
Metro is currently soliciting for someone to serve on a Community Advisory Group, consisting of stakeholders.  You can find more information at 
  • Comp Plan Early Implementation Package
Joan Frederiksen from BPS attended to provide an update to the proposed zoning map and zoning changes that will be voted on by City Council on November 17.  There are approximately 100 amendments to be approved.  They range from actual zoning changes to code language changes as related to mixed use zones.
You can find the  Council Amendments  (which include the directives) and the 
Minor/Technical Amendments memos at 
Of particular concern is Directive 53 which directs study of a comp plan change affecting the Homestead area.  This  directive asks staff to study the possibility of higher zone designations on Marquam Hill , changing some zoning designations from CM1 as a maximum to CM2, allowing for denser development.  Note, this is not an amendment but a directive from Council.
The Amendments related to the Zoning Map and the Major Trails proposal can be viewed on the following MapApp.
Zoning Map              Major Trails
Information on how the amendment process works. Amending the Zoning Code and Map changes in the Early Implementation Package requires a vote by City Council following public hearings. Currently the amendments are offered for discussion and no decision has been made on these items. By identifying a possible change, the sponsoring commissioner has not yet committed to vote for the change. Council also has the ability to add and/or modify items until the time of the vote. The Mayor or one of the other Commissioners must make a motion to introduce the amendment - after considering public testimony. Then another Commissioner must second that motion, and the amendment must receive at least three votes (a majority of the five-member City Council) in order for it to "pass".
How to provide testimony
City Council invites testimony on the Amendments to the Early Implementation Package through the hearing on November 17, 2016:
Via the Map App: Testify on amendments to recommended Zoning Map or Major Trail changes by location. Go to the area in pink. You can hover over the various parts.  Zones will appear with the current zoning in the left hand column.  Above that "comments box" will show.  Place your comments there.  However, this is not the same as commenting to Council  To ensure your comments are officially recorded, send them to council as follows.
By Email: with subject line "Comprehensive Plan Implementation"
By U.S. Mail:
  Portland City Council 
1221 SW 4th Ave, Room 130 
Portland, OR 97204 
Attn: Comprehensive Plan Implementation
In Person:   November 17, 2016, 2 p.m. 
                      City Hall Council Chambers 
                      1221 SW 4th Avenue
Please check the Auditor's Website 
to confirm meeting details, as well as tips for testifying. The Auditor's website also allows you to watch a live stream or recorded video of the hearing.   
Next Steps    On November 17 City Council will hold the last public hearing on the City's new Comp Plan to accept testimony on the amendments. Council is tentatively scheduled to discuss that testimony during a work session on November 22. A final vote on the Recommended Early Implementation Package is expected to take place in December.
Please contact me or the Comp Plan Helpline (503) 823-0195 if there are any questions.
  • Residential Infill Project
Joan also reminded us that it is time to comment on this proposal that allows for increased density in the Homestead area. With Council's direction, city code will be written for Council approval in late 2017.
The Homestead Neighborhood Association met with City staff September 6 to discuss impacts to the Homestead area.  Discussion point and Homestead concerns can be found in the Homestead September News.
The full proposal is on line at http://
Proposed density maps can be found at 
  • Proposed trails on un-built rights of way
Aaron Clemons, Trails Committee Chair, prepared some excellent maps of some potential trail connectors. Suggested trails will involve further discussion.  Proposed trails are
Whitaker ROW:  Multiple sections that lead from Barbur up to Terwilliger through and beyond OHSU Campus.

Curry Trail:  Part of the segment between Veterans Hospital Road and 10th. Other possible Curry segments are 11th to 12th and 13th to Marquam Hill Road.
Improve the "demand trail" in existence from the end of Bancroft up to Terwilliger to meet at the stairs on the west side.
Possibly building a trail on the easterly side of the guardrail going up Condor Lane up to Terwilliger.

Condor to Eagle Point Park via Lowell 
If you would like to suggest an unbuilt R.O.W. for a trail, would like to provide information to this group, or are interested in joining, contact us at  For nominations, please be as specific as possible concerning the location of the unbuilt R.O.W. and feel free to indicate any additional information that might help convey your ideas.
  • Under Armour 3rd floor addition 
The Under Armour building's proposed 3rd floor addition and the proposed green roof are being presented to South Portland Neighborhood Association's Land Use Committee meeting on November 15th.  Elizabeth Hinds, Homestead Director at large will attend the meeting and report back with more information regarding this project.
  • Land Use Notices and Decisions
are available on Homestead's website  
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Jackie Phillips 
Vice-President, Homestead Neighborhood Association 

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