September 2016 News
The Homestead Neighborhood Association normally meets the First Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the OHSU Child Development and Rehabilitation Center; 707 SW Gaines, Third Floor. 
News from September Homestead NA Meetings
Residential Infill Project
Joan Frederiksen from City of Portland, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, met with members to discuss the Residential Infill Project.  This project proposes increased density in the city and within Homestead Neighborhood boundaries.  City planners will publish a summary report soon with recommendations to City Council by November first.

Homestead had many questions and concerns. 
  • Off Street Parking will not be required in most of the areas where this increased density will occur. 
This is becoming an increasingly important issue to the Homestead neighborhood.  There are already saturated areas within the boundaries.  If a property is within 500 feet of a bus line (not necessarily a bus stop) then off street parking will not be required.
  • Triplexes on corner lots
This means that conceivably all four corners of an intersection could have triplexes which could mean many units built in this condensed area with no off street parking requirements.
  • Paper streets are not taken into consideration in this plan
Paper streets are platted streets that show on the map but for a reason have not been improved.  This may be from the geography of the area or some other reason.  Many are on extremely sloped sites or in ravines.  These will not get special consideration in this project and will be treated as corner lots with the allowance of triplexes on each corner. 
  • This blanket approach does not seem to fit our neighborhood
While many properties within the Homestead boundaries are within 500 feet of a bus line we do not have the infrastructure and services that are needed to create a successful parking/free neighborhood.
While Joan noted that the map does need refinement and wrote took note of our concerns, our next opportunity to request that the city consider existing infrastructure and not take such a blanket approach will be a public hearing on November 9 with additional hearings scheduled if needed.  City Council will then give staff direction to develop zoning code amendments through a legislative process that will occur through 2017. 

This project is moving quickly, so we hope all Homestead residents will become informed about the impacts of this increased zoning on the livability of our neighborhood!

Proposed Density Maps

New Business - Southwest Corridor - Marquam Hill Connector
On September 12th several members of the Homestead Neighborhood, Friends of Terwilliger, and OHSU met with Metro staff and consultants to review and discuss scoping efforts and alternatives under consideration for a Marquam Hill Connection;  a mechanized pedestrian and bicycle connection between a proposed light rail station near SW Gibbs Street and the Marquam Hill medical campuses

Objectives of a connector were presented that included: 
(1) it should be connected to the Lair Hill Station (exact location not yet determined); 
(2) it should be mechanized; 
(3) it should connect to OHSU - 9th, 7th or 4th floor to allow convenient access to other parts of Marquam Hill; and (4) 4 to 5 concepts are to be considered.  

The five main concepts discussed were 
(1) an elevator & bridge; 
(2) an escalator; 
(3) an escalator & inclined elevator; 
(4) an inclined elevator; and 
(5) a tunnel and elevator.  

Between now and October 3rd is the time for the public to review these alternatives and provide comments and feedback to Metro.  Input can be provided by completing a survey on line at  ; attend a public scoping open house at Wilson High on September 22nd from 6 to 8 PM; send an email to; or send a letter.  Comments on the scope of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement are due by 5:00 PM on Monday, October 3rd, 2016.

News from Committee Chairs
Membership/Outreach - The recent picnic was such a success that it has been decided that a "Picnic Committee" be formed to assist in the 2017 picnic planning and preparations. 

Schools - Ongoing discussions are happening at PPS about possibly moving the Lincoln HS bond to this fall's election.

Transportation - Homestead will prepare and send a letter to the City requesting that potholes be repaired on SW Condor Lane.

OHSU - a Regional Transit Option grant application is being made to Metro.  This provides for a 2-year program to prepare a customized transportation sheet for each new employee working at OHSU that will provide individualized options, including alternative options for those who drive to work on the hill.  Homestead will support this grant request and requests the options include DO NOT's such as using neighborhood streets as a short cut to and from work.

Parks - Parke Diem is a group of city wide volunteers for parks organized by the Parks Foundation.  You can sign up to participate at

No Ivy Day is October 29:  As always, Homestead will have a No Ivy Day event.  We expect to meet at the foot of the Marquam Trail on Terwilliger.  Please watch for signs and updates on our website.

The next Homestead NA meeting will be held October 4.  A discussion is planned regarding pedestrian connections on unbuilt rights-of-way. 
Check out our website for updated information on important topics.  You can also access meeting agendas and minutes on the site.
Jackie Phillips 
Vice-President, Homestead Neighborhood Association 

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