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Homegrown Heroes in Transit
Police officers, particularly those on patrol, often remark how much they appreciate a job that keeps them on the move. CMPD has taken that to heart by featuring its Charlotte-raised officers in advertising on Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) buses and light rail cars. 
The campaign features six officers who graduated from Charlotte-area high schools and have made their professional living serving as CMPD officers:
Deputy Chief Sherie E. Pearsall
East Mecklenburg High School
Serving since 1994

Captain Martha Fortos Dozier
Independence High School
Serving since 1996

Detective Adrian Johnson
Harding High School
Serving since 2008
Officer Emily Acker-Estes
Myers Park High School
Serving since 2006

Officer Morgan Erlenbach
Myers Park High School
Serving since 2014

Lieutenant Jared Saunders
North Mecklenburg High School
Serving since 2008
Get a closer look at the campaign artwork for photos of these homegrown heroes enjoying youth sports, hobbies and hanging out with friends and family. 
A Closer Look at Chief Jennings' Core Four
With movements looking for change within police agencies, I want to make sure my vision and core values are put in place to make our department better.

- Chief Johnny Jennings
Between his decades of experience in Charlotte, expertise and training in policing and a focus on the will of the community, the “Core Four” are the backbone of Chief Johnny Jennings’ strategic vision for CMPD. We sat down with Chief Jennings to get more specifics on how these strategic pillars support the new CMPD mission and vision statements he recently released.
Core Value: Community Collaboration
Community Collaboration is a process of participation by people, groups and organizations working together to achieve results. Each member must be willing to plan and share vision, mission, power, resources and most importantly, goals. Collaboration builds trust, ensures accountability and defines success.
Core Value: Crime Management
Crime Management is how we work to prevent crime from occurring. It is partnering at each level of the criminal process to analyze crime and find alternative outcomes for those affected.
Core Value: Professional Accountability
Professional Accountability is an internally driven mindset to improve ourselves and the relations & outcomes we have with those we serve. As an agency, we are transparent about corrective action and responsive to our community about how we police ourselves. 
Core Value: Employee Wellness
Employee Wellness is focused on supporting better mental and physical health at work for all employees. These efforts include physical and mental fitness programs, education and incentives, interventions for and improved access to care and social support for our employees. 
CommUNITY Collaboration as Customer Service
As an important part of Chief Jennings’ focus on Community Collaboration, CMPD has started an important journey to make its interactions more community (and customer) focused. Chief Jennings wants CMPD's reputation for courteous service to rival that of Chick-fil-A. He recently sat down to talk more about his vision.
CMPD in the News

In a recent Axios Charlotte newsletter, CMPD ranked eighth out of 500 departments in the Mapping Police Violence scorecard - meaning the city scores well when it comes to metrics like using less force, making fewer arrests for low-level offenses and officer accountability. Read more.
Recruitment Class 187 Graduates
More Diversity Reflects Community
Congratulations to the 40 newest CMPD officers who joined the ranks Friday, April 16, 2021. Seven women graduated from the CMPD Police Academy during the commencement ceremony, making the 187th one of the most gender-diverse classes in CMPD’s recent history. Two of CMPD’s newest female officers were recognized for excellence demonstrated during the Academy with the top academic award and a physical fitness award.
See photos and watch video of our 187th Commencement Ceremony.
Communication Is Key: Telecommunicators
Although they are unseen, they are always heard. Telecommunicators are the first line of defense in emergency situations that range from violent crimes and domestic disturbances, to fires and medical calls. They keep citizens calm in difficult situations, working to determine important details that keep officers safe when responding. In 2020, CMPD telecommunicators processed more than 1.1 million calls for service.

Thank you to all CMPD telecommunicators who continually work to keep our officers and community safe, especially our National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week Award Winners. 
CMPD Is Now Accepting Applications
for those new to law enforcement
for those who are
sworn officers
a new CMPD pathway
for those who are BLET-certified
Learn more about CMPD's compensation and benefits.
Charlotte: A Place To Call Home
Whether you're a newlywed millennial looking for a real yard or a Northeasterner hoping to never shovel snow again, the housing market in Charlotte has much to offer. Mecklenburg County offers a variety of different neighborhoods with great school options featured in's 2021 Best Places to Buy a House in the Charlotte Area. Take a peak and make the move.
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