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WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT... OUR NEW OFFICE! Three years ago this month, we acquired a second location in Concord, NC. We have since then outgrown that office and moved to a new facility! Our new office space is about 35% larger and has more updated facilities such as a welcoming front lobby, a break room, loading dock area, and high speed internet. We trust this change will allow future growth for EES as we continue to provide the best service in our market and earn the right to continue to serve our customers! Click here for more information.

Last but not least, we would like to welcome Jon Grogan to our Concord sales team! Jon is an award winning NICET certified sales professional. He brings over thirty years of successful design build, contractor and end user industry experience to EES. Having handled some of the most high profile projects in the Charlotte region, he is able to manage any project regardless of size. He is well qualified in fire alarm, intrusion, CCTV, access control, nurse call and engineered sound. Jon holds a MA degree in Habitability  Science from Appalachian State University. We are please to have Jon during this time of growth and expansion! 

Michael Edwards, President and CEO
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