October 2022 | Vol. 42

Beyond the Park Bench

SCK was founded in 2001 by Roxana Reid with the goal of guiding families and students to self-actualize through accessing just-right educational fit. We are a proud black-owned business.

"The things that make me different are the things that make me."

-Winnie the Pooh
Staying true to oneself is sometimes hard to do, especially when anxiety rears its ugly head. Whether thinking about yourself or your child in upcoming school interviews, please remember that your school search is not a race to be won, but a match to be made. Be yourself – and encourage your child to do the same. Feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin takes a lot less effort than play-acting someone else’s idea, or your idea of who you think you “should be.” And your honesty and authenticity is what builds the foundation for a satisfying and dynamic relationship and future with your child’s school.
You Do You: How Being Yourself Pays Off
Being yourself is what pays off in the long run - in life, love, and in school interviews! As Suzanne Degges White, Ph.D. writes, "It's not 'putting on an act' or showing 'false bravado' or an inflated self-esteem that offers us 'rejection protection' - it's the practice of living an authentic life."
To learn more, click here to read Being Yourself by Dr. Suzanne Degges-White on Psychology Today!
How to Balance the Desire for Self-Acceptance Vs. Self-Improvement
Author Hannah Braime writes about personal growth and authentic living in her blog, Becoming Who You Are. In this post, she explores the seemingly paradoxical relationship between personal growth and self-acceptance – and how, when united in a balanced way, the result is healthy “self-regard.”
Buzz on the Quad
Tried and True: Interview Tips from Our Smart City Kids Consultants

Encouraging children to be themselves is not exclusive of encouraging them to be their BEST selves. Here are some of our favorite tips to pass on to your children for a successful interview experience:  
  1. Make sure your child is wearing appropriate, comfortable clothing (think playdate attire for younger children, and business casual for older students)
  2. Make sure your child has eaten and used the restroom beforehand – sometimes students are nervous and skip meals, and then they start to fade without the energy.
  3. Answer the questions that are being asked and be mindful of going on unrelated tangents. Remember that an interview is a conversation; students should be responsive, concise and consistent.
  4. In a group interview, don’t be the loudest voice in the space. Speak up confidently, but remember that this is a conversation. Actively listen to other students, and be mindful about not taking up too much time with the mic. Encourage your child to add onto the points and opinions of the other students when appropriate. Sharing is caring 😊
How to Navigate Interviews like a Professional Actor

Robin Johnson, Smart City Kids executive assistant and former actor, gives student interview tips from her unique perspective as both an admissions and entertainment industry professional.

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Tutor Highlight!

Smart City Tutors provides families with quality instruction from experienced tutors. Our tutors specialize in a range of subjects, as well as offering general academic support, executive functioning guidance, and test preparation.

This month we are highlighting Marwa El-Turky, one of our French tutors. Marwa received an undergraduate degree from Temple University, a Master’s of Global Studies from the London School of Economics, and a Master’s of Education from Brooklyn College.
Marwa has taught in New York City for ten years, and is currently teaching Levels I and II high school French, which incorporates French and Francophone language, culture, and history. Marwa has also taught classes in Arabic and Global History. She has lived in both France and Egypt. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys leading an after-school Yoga and Meditation Program. 

To learn more about Marwa or any of our tutors, please visit smartcitykids.com/tutors, and complete an inquiry form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you!
Kindergarten Admissions Panel

Need some refresher tips from our Kindergarten Admissions Panel? Click here to watch as we discuss with admissions leaders from NYC Independent schools about the admissions landscape! For more videos about the admissions process, be sure to head to our YouTube Channel!
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