October 2019
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Citizens Serving Communities to Shape Lives and Save Lives
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CAP debuts sUAS as search and rescue tool, evolution of the CAP logo, cadets reap CAP scholarship rewards, national aerospace educator of the year, Civil Air Patrol saves 117 lives, vote on new alumni and friends ads, alumni highlight, new vanguard CAP alumni store, and our final salute.
That's One Small (But Mighty!) Search Plane...
CAP Debuts sUAS Search & Rescue Tool
In South Dakota
(From left) Lt. Cols. Dave Jeffries and Craig Goodrich and Col. Mike Beason perform image analysis using sUAS footage, working to determine areas of potential interest. All are members of the South Dakota Wing’s Rushmore Composite Squadron; Beason is also the wing’s inspector general, Goodrich its director of operations and Jeffries its assistant director of communications.
CAP Video Corner
The Evolution of the CAP Logo
How many CAP Emblems/Seals Have You Worn?
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New Hampshire Wing Highlights
Its History of Service
Oklahoma Cadets Earn
CAP Academic Scholarships
“For the first time, we are able to offer academic scholarships equal to the amount of our highly recommended applicants,” said Wendy Hamilton of CAP’s cadet program, who said 62 academic scholarships were awarded — all to applicants with a 3.80 or higher grade-point average and an SAT score of 1311 and/or an ACT score of 28 or above.

“This puts our scholarship applicants on academic par with the U.S. Air Force Academy Class of 2022,” Hamilton said. 
No Small Potatoes...Idaho Teacher Honored as National CAP Aerospace Educator of the Year
Chris Naccarato, a fifth-grade teacher at Priest River Elementary School in Priest River, Idaho, has been selected as Civil Air Patrol’s 2019 National Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Educator of the Year.

As Naccarato was unable to attend CAP’s 2019 National Conference in Baltimore, he was presented with the award Sept. 20 at his school with the entire student body in attendance. The audience also included Naccarato's fellow Washington Wing members; the wing’s director of aerospace education, Maj. Sylvie Kacmarcik; and Lt .Col. Clay Shepherd, communications officer for the wing's Deer Park Composite Squadron.
Celebrate with Us!

Search and Rescue Efforts Again Exceed 100 Saves!

Civil Air Patrol has passed the century mark in lives saved for the third straight fiscal year, as credited by the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center (AFRCC).

The 117th and final save occurred Sept. 30, the fiscal year's last day, when CAP’s National Cell Phone Forensics Team provided the Colorado Search and Rescue Board coordinator with a high-priority area to focus search efforts for a lost hiker. A local search team found the hiker alive near a national park trailhead.
Support Civil Air Patrol
via the
Combined Federal Campaign (CFC #24876)
The Combined Federal Campaign is the workplace-giving program for federal workers of all kinds. All federal employees at any level in any part of the country, including active-duty military, can participate. Also think about civilians in the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, FEMA, NASA, USPS, and a host of other departments and agencies run by the three branches of government. If you are a federal employee, or know someone who ...ask them to support CAP today!
We Want YOUR Opinion...
A Sneak Preview of Our Ads for Social Media
Thanks to Maj Erik Koglin -CAP, staff media specialist for CAP's National History team for the designs
Which Alumni & Friends advertisement do you like best?
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#3 Flight Cap
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Alumni & Friends Spotlight
Lt. Col. Richard "Dick" Russell

What’s your family/personal history of Civil Air Patrol?
I attribute my uncle Keith Glaze, a former Hump pilot, for addicting me to aviation when he gave me a ride in his Howard DGA-15 when I was in grade school. Keith formed a CAP squadron in central Nebraska to provide emergency services and developing CAP Cadets. I was preparing myself for a successful military career and joined Civil Air Patrol as a cadet in 1955.

In CAP, my focus was and is, the Cadet Program, our future leaders.

I served in many senior and cadet Squadrons, was a group commander in California and Virginia, the Pacific Region Staff, stood up two cadet squadrons and a senior squadron. As Pacific Region staff, I was the Director of Emergency Services, Virginia Wing as the Stan/Eval Director. All of my management positions in CAP was fulfilling. 

Current career?
I'm retired from the Air Force as a command chief of a numbered Air Force and major command which I believe was my best and most rewarding assignment working for all enlisted personnel. During my major command tenure, I served on a Joint Service Team reporting to a secretary of defense and Air Force Secretary on all matters affecting enlisted members, representing 1.2 million enlisted of all 7 reserve components. I also retired from law enforcement where I had the opportunity to be initial cadre for an aviation helicopter unit and developed a new format for police training in California, both significantly giving me satisfaction. 

Recently, I was appointed to a Shriners Hospital Board for enhancing the lives of Shriners children, this year appointed to the Okaloosa County Airport Board where I might provide input to enhance local aviation safety. My FAA tenure probably peaked when I was selected to manage all FAA flight programs and elevated me to the highest competitive civil service grade. These particular involvements for community service I attribute to my volunteer service in Civil Air Patrol.

Specific CAP experience/highlight that influenced your career or your life?
I believe that CAP stimulated and prepared me to be successful in whatever aviation path I chose. My most rewarding time was an observer as a cadet in California Wing in various World War II military liaison airplanes.
A Final Salute To Current and Former CAP Members
Civil Air Patrol offers friends and family the ability to make gifts in memory or honor of someone special. Tribute gifts made through the links below are listed in each issue of the  Civil Air Patrol Volunteer   magazine.
Alumni & Friends Opportunities!
Sneak Preview -- Website Still in Progress
Alumni Items Available for Purchase
Vanguard Industries is now the exclusive provider of Civil Air Patrol Alumni and Friends merchandise. Every purchase goes to support the CAP Alumni Scholarship for Cadets. So buy a hat, pin, shirt, sticker and more and support America's future!
Civil Air Patrol Annual Report
Civil Air Patrol's FY 2018 Annual Report is ready for your review.

This annual report highlights Civil Air Patrol’s many missions for America over the past year, accomplished through the vigilant efforts of our growing force of over 61,000 (now 66,000) citizen volunteers.

Their knowledge, skills and expertise help CAP safely fulfill critical needs of the U.S. Air Force — our Total Force partner.

The report also contains a list of 2018 donors and scholarship recipients.