Get Inspired
Transgender Ballerina is Raising the Bar
Celebrate Pride. We are so inspired by the amazing work of Honeycomb families making impactful change across the city these past few months. As we continue to reimagine volunteering, we are excited to provide weekly Honeycomb at Home volunteer opportunities in your inbox and on our website for you to access any time. This week, we're kicking off Phase 2 of Honeycomb at Home with a celebration of Pride.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the first Pride march, which was held in New York City on June 28, 1970. The historic event paved the way for revolutionary change in the fight for human rights for LGBTQ+ people across the country. Today, we invite your family to celebrate what Pride means to you and how we can all take part in building communities fueled by acceptance, equality, and love.

Check out this video about Jayna Ledford, a trans ballerina who overcame discrimination to follow her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Though Jayna was assigned a different gender at birth, she lives her life how she truly is, as a woman.

Pride is rooted in a fight to live as your true self without fear of oppression. Jayna's ability to be her true self and follow her dreams, paves the way for other trans youth and honors the legacy of the activists who fought for LGBTQ+ rights before her.
Let's Talk
After watching the video about Jayna's ballet journey, use the questions below to kick-start a great conversation with your family:

  • What stood out to you about Jayna's story? What could you relate to?

  • Jayna's mom is part of her support network. How has your family supported you through difficult times?

  • Jayna finds acceptance and freedom as a dancer. Why is this important? Where do you feel most accepted?

  • Bonus! Identify and research a notable LGBTQ+ figure who shaped history. Present your findings to your family.

Do Something
Celebrate Pride
Learn more about the movement! What does Pride mean to you? Spend some time researching Stonewall or learning about LGBTQ+ activists like Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. Pride is both a celebration of self-expression and an acknowledgement of a fight for human rights. Dig deep into Pride history to honor it's legacy and celebrate the accomplishments of the LGBTQ+ community!

Once you know the history of Pride, get celebrating! For inspiration, check out Good Morning America's Top 5 Tips for Celebrating Pride this year. From supporting LGBTQ+ businesses, having a queer film night as a family, or researching ways to support Black Trans people, your family can celebrate Pride together in a multitude of ways. Let us know how you celebrate pride by tagging us at #honeycombathome or @honeycombproject
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Community Connection
Howard Brown Health
Support LGBTQ+ Youth. Howard Brown Health runs the Broadway Youth Center and Southside Safe Space to provide basic needs assistance, resource advocacy, mental wellness support, and educational/vocational services to LGBTQ+ youth ages 12 - 24.

Part of Howard Brown's mission is to provide basic needs for the LGBTQ+ community. Your family can support LGBTQ+ youth by donating gift cards for groceries, basic hygiene kits, and PPE like masks and hand sanitizer. Consider picking up these items when you're out shopping for your own family. For details, contact

Please wear a mask, gloves, and maintain social distance when shopping and dropping off donations. If you or a family member are not feeling well, please refrain from donating at this time.
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Funders & Supporters
We are so grateful to the many new funders and support who have stepped up to support Honeycomb at Home programming. Stay tuned for an updated list here next week!
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