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Add a splash of color to your warehouse 
For a quick and easy way to spruce up your inventory racks, warehouse floor, or pallet areas, then you may want to consider flood-coated labels. Flood coating means that the label runs border to border with color ensuring a smooth, even coat on every part of the label. Flood coated labels are available in a variety of colors to help you:

  • Make materials easier to find during the picking process

  • Keep warehouse shelving racks organized

  • Enable workers to process transactions more quickly

For warehouse applications in particular, white labels with black text can be maddening when workers are trying to pull materials for the floor or putaway inventory that has just been received. When you incorporate flood-coated labels, items are easier to identify and can speed up transaction time.

If you’re looking to make a simple, low-cost change that can really give your team productivity a boost, explore the world of color labels. We can provide you with most any size and color that fits your requirements (flood-coated tags are also available in a variety of sizes and colors).
NOW SHIPPING: Honeywell XP 1950
The next generation Xenon has arrived! The Xenon Extreme Performance (XP) 1950g (corded) and 1952g (Bluetooth) General Duty Scanners are available now!
If you loved the first-generation Xenon, you’ll love the XP! Here’s just a few of the improvements Honeywell has made:

  • Improves throughput by scanning difficult to read and standard codes faster – resulting in additional 2-3 transactions per shift

  • Highly reliable device lowers your TCO (total cost of ownership) <1% return rate globally! 

  • Longer scan range (compared to current Xenon) increases user productivity with greater efficiency and ergonomics 

The 1952g Bluetooth version will be available in the coming weeks. Read more about the advantages of upgrading your technology in our blog, then contact us to see if the XP is a good fit for your application.
Are you tired of juggling support for all the devices you have in place?  
Honeywell’s Mobility Edge platform allows you to manage multiple devices, regardless of the form factor, throughout the life of your Honeywell devices.  

This means you can spend more time and effort selecting the equipment that works best for your business without worrying about how to manage ongoing support. 
What is Honeywell Edge Service?
Edge Service is a lifecycle approach to managing the technology that runs your operations, and helps to  detect, reduce and may even eliminate hidden costs without the worry of support being discontinued. Mobility Edge Services cover all the bases:

  • Set-up & Deployment
  • Tracking & Monitoring
  • Optimizing Devices
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Device Disposition

For more information on Edge Services, read this month’s blog. 
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