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Issue No. 86
August 2014
Latest News
-FTIP Is Going To Hong Kong
-Member Profile: Ben Beaumont
-Hit The Slopes in Zell am See, Austria in a Joint Conference
-Welcome Russia, Our Newest Country Partner
-Hello New Members
-Does your Org Have News?
Training Opportunities:
Hong Kong Nightlife
Hong Kong Nightlife

FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme
24-28 November 2014,
Hong Kong

There is still time left to reserve your slot in this autumn's FTIP Programme. Five experts in their fields will be your trainers for this intensive course.
Contact Lori Fusello or visit the website for more information, or download a brochure and booking form here.

From a past participant of the FTIP programme: 
"I attended the DBF... FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme last autumn because I am interested in contributing to solutions in often difficult situations in large construction projects. I found all Programmes absolutely worth their prices. The trainers were top level and were complementary to each other, and conveyed their readiness to share their knowledge for the best of the trade. Small classes with only two to three participants per trainer, and full immersion courses, lunch and dinner (and after dinner) with an interesting mix of people from different professional backgrounds and different geographical and political contexts did the rest to create a professionally and personally really enriching experience." 
Matthias Neuenschwander
Neuenschwander Consulting Engineers, Ltd.,
Bellinzona, Switzerland


Reunion Gala Dinner
For Past Attendees of FTIP 
Paris, France FTIP Reunion
Paris, France FTIP Reunion

FTIP Reunion Gala 
Sip champagne and meet new colleagues who share a common interest with you-- namely completion of the DBF's intensive FTIP Programme!

This special evening is tentatively scheduled for February 2015 in Paris, France.  If you are a past attendee and are interested in attending, please contact Lori Fusello in Member Services so we can get an idea of the number of guests.  

Help Expand Membership in The 
Do you have any colleagues with expertise in the fields of law, arbitration, construction, engineering, surveying or energy that would be an asset to our membership or perhaps someone who wants to learn more about Dispute Boards?   Tell them about the DBF:


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See what others are saying about the DBF's Training Programmes

"The  Intensive Training Programme  greatly expanded my knowledge. It was very well organized and  prepared, with a high level of professional presentation thanks to Dr. Chern, Leo Grutters and Ben Beaumont. I strongly recommend this  course."


Zdenek Jurik 
ABC Engineering P.E.
Prague,  Czech Republic  

"I attended the DAB Intensive Training in Dublin-Ireland, April 7-9, 2014. My compliments to the great team of trainers, and to everybody who participated in the organization of the training!  

As an employee of a construction company, I gained valuable knowledge that every Contractor needs to know when it comes to disputes and DAB decisions in large construction projects.  

The trainers shared with us not only their huge knowledge and experience regarding DAB matters, but we were also able to learn more about very important related issues of claims and contract management. I am grateful for having a privilege to participate."


Sead Dizdarevic
Sarajevo, Bosnia i Hercegovina 


Upcoming Events
  • 24-28 November 2014, Hong Kong: FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme
  • 15-16 January 2015, Zell am See, Salzburg, Austria: ExZell in Dispute Resolution: "Standards and Needs", Customised Dispute Resolution Schemes - A joint conference/workshop of the DBF and The Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICACIC)
  • TBA February 2015, Paris, France: FTIP Reunion Gala Dinner

 Hong Kong Wins The Race For The Next FTIP Programme
Although sunny Doha was close behind, congratulations to the city of Hong Kong for winning the race for our next Fidic Contracts Total Immersion Programme locale.

The dates for this programme have been confirmed as 24-28 November 2014. 

Space is limited to 10 participants.  Now is the time to reserve your space. Please contact Membership Coordinator Lori Fusello to add your name to the reservation list.

Hong Kong
For more information visit the website or download a programme brochure and application form as participants will need to be approved prior to admittance to this course.  



 Member Profile:  Ben Beaumont
Ben Beaumont

This month's profile is on the UK's Ben Beaumont, Chairman of the management committee of the Dispute Board Federation.

As an internationally known expert in ADR and Dispute Boards, Ben has been involved with alternative dispute resolution since 1977 and has played an active role in this field for much of his career.

Not only has he written and spoken widely on ADR, Ben also founded the Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration at the invitation of the International Trade Centre (ITC), and was granted observer status at the United Nations Trade Law Division.  He is a member of Dispute Board groups and tribunals in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, as well as being a member of the prestigious FIDIC President's List of Adjudicators.


The DBF is fortunate to have Ben's knowledge and expertise available as a trainer, particularly in the FTIP Programme (FIDIC Contracts Total Immersion Programme) scheduled for this November.  To read more about Mr. Beaumont's journey from the Blitz in WWII to Chairman of the DBF's Management Committee today, continue here...  


Special Joint Conference/Workshop With FICACIC in Zell am See, Austria in January 2015

The DBF is partnering with The Forum for International Conciliation and Arbitration (FICACIC) to provide a special conference and workshop in Zell am See entitled:
ExZell in Dispute Resolution:  "Standards and Needs" -Limits to and Opportunities of Customised Dispute Resolution Schemes

This exciting joint conference offers the opportunity to openly discuss experience with "tailor made" procedural rules, specifically how they are appreciated in different cultures.

The conference will be held 15-16 January 2015 in gorgeous Zell am See in the Austrian Alps (during ski season!).  Accommodations are available at Steinerwirt1493 Hotel in Zell am See, Austria.  To learn more about this special event, and to download a booking form click here or contact Lori Fusello.  For more information on FICACIC, visit their website at www.FICACIC.com



Welcome to Our Newest Country Partner: Russia
Welcome Russia!

Russia is the newest member country partnering with the Dispute Board Federation.  We are also delighted to welcome Tsisana Shamlikashvili as the new representative of the DBF in her home country of Russia.
We welcome this new partner in our joint efforts.

Next Month: Read all about Tsisana Shamlikashvili's view on Russia and ADR/Dispute Boards in the September newsletter.

Welcome To Our Newest Members:


Basil O. Odigie
Consultant, Project Manager with Richard Johnson Associates
Houston, Texas USA.

Basil O. Odigie
Fellow Member

Expertise: 37 years experience in civil engineering, arbitrator, adjudicator, project management consultant
Nationality: Uromi, Nigeria

Basil has practiced project management for approximately 30 out of 37 years since graduating as a Mechanical Engineer. He has developed expertise in arbitration, mediation, adjudication and project management.

In July 2013, Basil retired as a General Manager (Projects) after 30 years, from the employment of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Abuja, where he had managed several projects in the oil and gas sector. He was involved in development and implementation of several projects for infrastructures, petrochemicals plants, jetty facilities and petroleum products handling. He also managed the operations and maintenance of over 5,000km of crude oil and petroleum products pipelines network, including twenty-two depots and pump stations as Executive Director (Operations) of PPMC, a strategic business unit of NNPC in Nigeria.

Basil is currently the Chairman of the Guild of Adjudicators in Nigeria, a body whose objective amongst others, is to create awareness for Dispute Boards and adjudication in the construction industry.

Tsisanna Shamlikashvili
Prof. Tsisana Shamlikashvili
President of the National Organization of Mediators (NOM), Russia

Prof. Tsisana Shamlikashvili
Corporate Panel Member
DBF Representative for Russia

Expertise: Over 25 years of experience in several fields, 10 as an international expert in ADR.  Tsisana is also a practicing mediator, lawyer, neurologist (academic degrees of MD, PhD) and psychologist. She specializes in mediation and social practices.
Nationality: Russian

Tsisana Shamlikashvili is President of the National Organization of Mediators (NOM, Russia), serving to create a system of self-regulation for mediation business in Russia.  She is also the chair of the Federal Institute for Mediation, which is the only state organisation in the Russian Federation in the field of ADR.

Prof. Shamlikashvili believes "The establishment of Dispute Boards in various projects is a strategic approach which creates added value and provides efficient risk management in complex multi-task cases."


She is also the founder of the Scientific and Methodological Centre for Mediation and Law (Moscow), which is the leading institution in the area of mediation and ADR in Russia.

Ms. Shamlikashvili is the author of numerous scientific articles and books including the subjects of mediation, alternative dispute resolution and law, and is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "Mediation and Law".


We are very pleased to have Tsisana as the Dispute Board Federation's new representative for Russia.


Trevor Isaac
Managing Director
Geomatics Engineering Ltd.
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Trevor Isaac
Professional Member

Expertise: More than 25 years in Engineering Surveying Services. 
Nationality: Trinidad/Tobago

Presently Mr. Isaac is the Managing Director of Geomatics Engineering Ltd.  Some of the projects he has provided services for are:

Engineering surveying services for the determination of quantities of materials used in the upgrading of roads in Trinidad and Tobago; as well as engineering surveying services for the design and construction of roadways for PURE, Ministry of Works and Transport, Trinidad.


For The Tobago House of Assembly, he provided engineering surveying services on various construction projects undertaken by the Department of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, as well as for the construction of the external works on the Shaw Park Cultural Complex in Tobago; and the landscaping of the National Gas Company's compound at Cove, Tobago.


Past projects also include engineering surveying services for CONDEC in the construction of the Republic Bank building at Auchenskeoch, Tobago and for primary and secondary roads in St. Lucia for HALCROW Ltd.



Have Some News For Our Members?

Would you like to highlight any news or events going on in your organization?  We would love to share what's happening with our members.  Please contact our new publications manager Lori Fusello at l.fusello@dbfederation.org with your news!


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