Mayor Tomlinson Leads on Honoring War Veteran and Statesman John McCain: "All Flags on Columbus, Georgia Flag Poles Will Fly at Half-Staff"
In the wake of the loss of veteran and senator John McCain, confusion beset communities across the nation: each struggled with whether they could fly the American flag at half-staff in honor of a great war hero and statesman. The White House, which usually issues the order to lower the American flag, had raised its flag to full staff.

Many governors had not yet issued orders, yet early Monday morning, August 27, Mayor Tomlinson ordered: " Regardless of any other order, the flags on all Columbus, Georgia Consolidated Government flag poles will fly at half-staff in honor of war hero, senator and statesman John McCain."

While many assert that only the president or governor can lower the American flag to half-staff, Mayor Tomlinson knew that Executive Order No. 10798 (Eisenhower) and the website on flag protocol allow the highest elected official in the jurisdiction to lower the American flag in honor and homage of the fallen.

In the face of confusion and mixed messages, Columbus, Georgia was among the first to do the right thing. Now that's leadership. Rest in the peace and honor you deserve, Senator McCain.
Centennial Leadership Symposium at the
Ft. Benning Maneuver Center of Excellence
At the invitation of Commanding General Gary Brito, Mayor Tomlinson had the honor of closing out a week of leadership discussions at Ft. Benning's Centennial Leadership Symposium.

Mayor Tomlinson spoke in recognition of Women's Equality Day to several hundred officers, officer training candidates and the 199th Infantry Brigade. She explained the long held social norms of gender discrimination and drew the connection to the societal remnants of gender disrespect today. Among many anecdotes shared, Mayor Tomlinson told of the first Ft. Benning commanding general she had the privilege to work with, General Bob Brown, and how he showed a community the proper protocol and respect to be shown a civilian woman leader:

"Be that man, be that leader," she encouraged attendees. "They are giants, magnanimous in their ability to set an example and to lead people. " She implored the group to: “Treat all people as equals, and respect and lift up those you lead. When we pursue that objective, we demonstrate our better selves.”
Mayor Tomlinson Discusses the Georgia Election Landscape on MSNBC’s AM Joy
Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and a national panel of political analysts discuss the ins and outs of Georgia’s exciting election year and debate whether the winds of political change are blowing through the South.
Two political controversies have plagued South Georgia recently. A proposal to close most of the polling places in Randolph County is making national headlines and sparking allegations of voter suppression. Meanwhile, in Valdosta, a billboard advertising an ‘Impeach Trump’ website survives just 24 hours before community pressure forces it down.

In the race for governor, Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp hone their campaign messages at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce luncheon in Macon. Mayor Tomlinson and other members of the Political Rewind panel discuss Brian Kemp’s increasingly centrist stance and analyze Stacey Abrams' efforts to deliver on her promise of working across partisan lines.
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