Women's Leadership News | April 16, 2020
The university is mourning the profound loss of two of our most distinguished scholars and leaders – Cheryl A. Wall and Ruth B. Mandel. Arriving at Rutgers in the early 1970's, both invested their careers in pioneering new areas of study by challenging the traditions and dominant narratives of their fields. Over five decades Cheryl and Ruth gave a voice to those on the margins. We are grateful for their enduring engagement and the pivotal roles they each played in shaping leadership at the IWL. It is hard to imagine our community without their presence. 
Professor Cheryl A. Wall
Through her teaching and prolific writing, Professor Wall championed Black intellectual life, African American literature, and feminist theory. She was a beacon of support for generations of Rutgers students who were enriched by her sharp intellect and gracious leadership. Cheryl’s belief in the centrality of the humanities and placing undergraduate students at the heart of the university's mission is brought to life in this candid interview.
Professor Ruth B. Mandel
Professor Mandel had an incredible talent for developing innovative research and programs, and for building lasting institutions . At a time when women’s political participation was not considered a topic worth exploring, Ruth founded the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), persisting over decades to establish it as the nation’s preeminent source of knowledge on women in politics. She continued her groundbreaking work as Director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics until August, 2019. One of the IWL consortium’s founding directors, Ruth had a deep and personal commitment to capturing women’s leadership experiences in their own words. She shares reflections on her own story in this intriguing interview  for the Women’s Education and Leadership Digital Collection at Rutgers.
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