Happy Birthday Jetsunma!
Dear Friends, 

Please join us in celebrating Jetsunma’s birthday on June 30 th . There are well-known female practitioners in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition dating back centuries, such as Yeshe Tsogyal and Machig Labdron, who continue to inspire us today. These great yoginis had the sublime aspiration to achieve liberation in a female body. In a similar vein, Jetsunma’s lifework has been to create the conditions for women to achieve spiritual maturity and particularly for female monastics in the Himalayas to study and practice in the Drukpa Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. 
These teachings have much to offer us at this time. With large swaths of the globe mired in conflict and stricken by disease, the nuns’ dedication to the teachings and practices motivate us all to transmute difficult emotions into spaciousness, clarity and insight and to embody wisdom and compassion in myriad forms in our daily lives. 

We invite you to support Jetsunma’s vision and our dharma sisters in their spiritual endeavors by making a tax-deductible offering to the DGL Endowment. Your heartfelt care and generosity will support the nuns and contribute to laying the foundation for future generations of female practitioners. Thank you for celebrating Jetsunma and her lifework with a donation to the DGL Endowment
With heartfelt graitude,

Linda, May Ling, Caterina, Chrysanne and Lindsay
DGL Initiatives Board of Directors
Long Life Prayer for
Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo

Glorious, foremost and holy one
Who through the blessings of
The Three Jewels and three roots
Spreads the amazing
Teachings of the meaning lineage
Far and wide across the world -
May you live long and may your
Enlightened activities flourish
and increase.

Written by the Ninth Khamtrul Rinpoche
English translation by Ruth Sonam
Sharing the Dharma is such a blessing in these times! We have made a concerted effort to post Jetsunma's teachings (video and text) on our social media platforms. Please continue to support us by sharing, liking and following Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo's teachings and updates on our nunnery projects on these social media platforms.
The nuns at DGL Nunnery and Gebchak Gonpa continue to receive your prayer requests for those who have recently passed away or for the removal of obstacles and the pacification of negativities.

Read more about specific prayer request options on our past email campaign here .

You may make an offering directly on the DGL Nunnery page or the Gebchak Gonpa page .
Detail from a stained glass window of Green Tara at
DGL Nunnery.
Created by Tsunma Jamyang Donma at Yulokod Studios .
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