In honor of Juneteenth, VBCF would like to highlight some African American medical pioneers and their roles in the field of cancer and in the state of Virginia. Thanks to these men, women, and institutions, medical advances have been made and continue to be made. Without their contributions, medical care would likely not be what it is today. Their influential contributions have had profound impacts in their respective fields. 
30 Years of Breast Health Education
One of the founding reasons for the creation of VBCF in 1991 was the lack of education in the general public around breast cancer. For this reason, we remain committed to educating communities across the Commonwealth about breast cancer in any way that we can.

Each year, we update our “Stay Abreast” presentation with the latest information on breast cancer statistics, risk factors, and what individuals can do to reduce their risk. We also have educational brochures available for anyone to order from our website. We make these educational resources available for free to anyone in Virginia (though donations are greatly appreciated) because we believe that there should not be a financial barrier between the people of Virginia and vital health information.
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