Dear neighbors and friends,

On Memorial Day I invite you to honor and celebrate true American s/heroes who died this year fighting this new war, the war for our health against the COVID-19 virus. 

Join me in a moment of silence to honor and celebrate the frontline healthcare workers we lost:

Lisa, Scott, Theresa, Tom, Michael, Celia, Francis, Celia, Billy, Luis, Kevin, John, Rose, Israel, Franklin, Mike, Ali Dennis, James, Pamela, Aleyamma, Thomas, Valeria, Monica, Gary, Araceli, Leo, Rose, Curtis, Kim, Debbie, Jeff, Daisy, Alvin, Vianna, J. Ronald, Frank, Marsha, Don Ryan, Linda, Sean, Brittany, Joshua, Karen, Sheila, Roy, Nina, Barbara, James, Marilyn, Nancy, David, Tomas, Steven, Neftali, Darrin, Rosemary, Saif, Jesus, Gerald, Ali, Robert (partial list).

We thank them for their dedication and bravery. We send our sincerest condolences to their loved ones.

We commit to building a better and healthier society where healthcare workers and first responders have all the tools and instruments needed to protect themselves while helping others.

With sadness, hope and American pride,

Gayle McLaughlin
Former Richmond Mayor (2007-2015)
2020 Richmond City Council candidate