Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
May 2018 Dream Journal
Mother’s Day is May 13 
Let your mother know that she has done such a wonderful job raising you that you wish every child could have a mother like her. How about giving her an extra child without the hard work of labor, cooking and washing? Give her a gift of knowing that one Cambodian child will be going to preschool for a year, because you made a donation in her name to our preschool program. A small recurring monthly donation of $25 will take care of that.
Singapore Architects

Generous Singaporeans have been planning and fundraising for an innovative new library at Kiriminoen Primary. The architectural company of XIA (headed by Chu Yang Keng) has designed the first of, we hope many, small libraries that will help bring up literacy levels amongst students and community members. In the true spirit of informed and forward thinking donors they are also providing funds for the books and salary of a full time librarian. Stay tuned for the photos of the opening ceremony in June!
Volunteers & Staff
Bunsrak Wedding

More Wedding Bells

Our English teacher Bunsrak Nuth has tied the knot in April with his beautiful bride, Nuth Kong. We wish them all the happiness in the world. 
Welcome to our New Board Member
We are honored to add Cecilia Neher of Bastion.Life to our board of directors. Bastion, founded by Manuel Contreras, is a collective of donors with a mission to help organizations like ours, who want to make the world a better place. Bastion focuses its giving in the areas of Child Health, Education, Infrastructure, and the Empowerment of Women. Her international life and work experience will add greatly to our board.

We bid a fond farewell to Kimmie Krebs who has been an amazing volunteer with our Community Health Program .

“Volunteering for The CCDO as the Woman and Child Health Coordinator has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. In the past, I have worked with many non-profits in all corners of the world; but the best by far, has been the The CCDO. The resident staff, other volunteers, and members of the community were incredibly supportive and I felt as if we were truly working as a team toward a common goal. During my time with The CCDO, I was able to use my current skills to benefit the community and was also able to gain a whole new wealth of knowledge. This organization has achieved many amazing goals through hard work and dedication. I see no limit to what can be accomplished in the future.”

The Otting Family wanted to teach their children how to help others. After donating funds for a water well and latrine they came to Cambodia to meet their recipient family and everyone tried their hand at the real work of building. This will surely make a huge impact on the Otting offspring! Thank YOU for making a difference through your example and passing down your values of generosity and involvement to the next 
Theresa Nicklas & Bob Reimers from Texas were very impressed when they visited our breakfast program and WASH projects. 

Rebecca Morgan (TWCCTW) and Ron Khoo (Food for Good) and friends, visited our schools and helped with our breakfast program.