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  November 10, 2014
Let's Celebrate Our Veterans!

Veterans Day was originally established in 1919 as Armistice Day, a day that celebrated the signing of an armistice which ended World War I. At 11 a.m., on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, President Wilson signed the important document intended to bring peace to all those involved in that war effort.


The battles in foreign lands stopped, but many veterans returned with what was known then as "battle fatigue" or "shell shock," as well as combat injuries and disfigurement from the new assault weapon, mustard gas. Those men either isolated or were institutionalized for the remainder of their lives, tucked away as the hidden costs of war.


Divide Camp's mission recognizes that today's veterans still come home troubled in body, mind and spirit from combat. Veterans who experience the serene setting of Divide Camp, along with the unique opportunities for adventure, leave with a sense of peace and confidence not felt since before their deployment. The smile on a vet's face as he waves farewell from his truck makes every effort to support Divide Camp worthwhile.


Your personal expression of gratitude on Veterans Day may include buying your veteran a cup of coffee or sending him a card. We also invite you to honor your veteran by making a donation to Divide Camp, remembering the 11's. Whether it's $11, $111, or $1111, your gift will ensure the hope of wellness to a veteran who visits Divide Camp. 

Congratulations to Janie Tippett!

Janie won the raffle drawing for the dramatic painting "Into the Canyon," donated by artist and veteran Mike Koloski. Janie is one of the many enthusiastic supporters of Divide Camp and has a grandson who is a combat wounded veteran. Janie plans to keep it in her home until Divide Camp opens next season. At that time, she will gift it back to DC and it will be displayed in the Lodge.


We appreciate all who participated in the raffle, which supports Divide Camp's mission of "Honoring Service; Building Hope" for our Post 9/11 Combat Wounded Veterans. 

Tyler Andreatta - Member of the Board of Directors 

First off I would like to say thanks to all the supporters of Divide Camp. Without you this camp would still be in the building stages. Just in the past year I have seen so much support, care and selflessness to help build camp and provide services for veterans you don't even know and might never meet. The selfless acts of kindness, dedication and support will carry this camp and the veterans it helps for years to come!


As many of you know Divide Camp is a place for veterans, with invisible and visible wounds from combat, to regain touch with their inner peace. A place where they can replace the bad memories with good ones and find themselves again through outdoor adventures and enjoying the country that they sacrificed so much for.  


Many veterans are hunters, hikers, fisherman and all around outdoorsman. Sadly many of these veterans no longer are able to go and enjoy the outdoors and activities they love so much because of injuries sustained in combat. And that is where you are needed! We need more resources and funding to help veterans with severe physical and mental wounds get back out in the wilderness and enjoy what they love again.  


If you feel you can help in any way please let us know. We have an Action trackchair at camp now for veterans who are no longer able to walk. We need volunteers to help guide, assist on hunts and fishing trips and other outdoor activities. We need businesses or land owners who feel they can contribute to the experiences of these veterans as well. Every veteran has selflessly signed a check to the United States, up to and including the price of their lives. Now is the time for us to repay that debt in any and all ways that we can. Thank you for all your support.


Sincerely from Divide Camp and from all veterans,

Sgt. Tyler Andreatta USMC Ret. 

Veteran Volunteers
Great things happen when you get a group of retired Vietnam veterans together at Divide Camp. This year several of them, born and raised in Wallowa County, got together with chainsaws, axes, carving tools, and paint to cut logs and carve stumps!

In the past, Dale Curtis, a Major in the Army, and close friend Ron Wagner, an Army helicopter pilot, have spent time at Divide Camp with their wives. But this September, the Curtis's hosted old friends and retired Vietnam veterans LTC. Ron Kinsley and Col. Don Marlatt.  


To the wildlife benches and eagle banner created earlier this summer, they added our future donor recognition boards decorated with an eagle and a bear. Five benches, each honoring a branch of the military, plus a picnic table, rounded out the contributions of these veterans.  


They enjoyed their planning meetings, put in very long days and all claim to have had a great time! We look forward to having these men and additional Vietnam veterans participate in serving our post 9/11 combat wounded by contributing their time and skills to the Divide Camp mission.

Salmon River Rafting Adventure

Divide Camp was able to accomplish its mission this year for a Marine Sergeant and his father, both medically retired veterans, who went on a five day river trip with Winding Waters River Expeditions. Before the trip our vet expressed concerns about his physical abilities. By the end of the trip he was going through whitewater rapids on a stand up paddleboard.  


A veteran smiling in the wilderness doing more than he thought himself capable is healing through outdoor adventure. This is only the beginning, and it is a fine place to start. We look forward to next year's seasons of adventure and hope to spread the healing to more of these men who deserve everything we can give them.


Capt. James Nash, USMC, Ret.

Operations Section Chief

Divide Camp

From the President
Here we are...three years after the original vision - watching the dream become a reality. With nearly two thousand hours of volunteer time this season, all five cabins are functional and comfortable, and the solar system is providing electricity and running water to all the cabins. Veteran applications are coming in and property-owners are offering Land Owner Preference tags for our veteran guests. We are witnessing the birth of a wonderful organization. A great team of people are supporting us in different ways and we are in need of additional help in the areas of financial management, grant writing, maintenance, cooking, and photography. Perhaps you would like to use your skills and abilities to bless our combat wounded veterans. Contact me at


Blessings -

Julie, President