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Hello Stacey,

Since 1980 when Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was officially recognized medically as a condition of major significance and appeared as an operational diagnosis, the concept and long-reaching tentacles of PTSD have continued to evolve. As awareness and acceptance of the realities of this condition subsist, experts are working to find healthier ways to cope with and heal from exposures to significant trauma.

Those incarcerated in prisons and jails are regularly exposed to violence, sexual violence, isolation, and lack of sleep. Incarcerated males have Post Traumatic Stress rates much higher than the general population, often with rates comparable to those displayed by combat war veterans. Incarcerated women’s rates are even higher with up to 61% suffering, compared to 8- 10% of the average American woman typically affected due to traumas experienced by sexual assault or domestic violence. Prison employees as well have a Post Traumatic Stress rate equivalent to Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans and higher than police officers, suggesting the importance of providing both sides involved in criminal detention with programs that promote resilience to stress and incorporate protective factors around the risks they face.

At Serving USA, we recognize the significance of faith and community in overcoming obstacles and breaking through barriers like Post Traumatic Stress which when faced alone may feel impassable. We proudly partner with REBOOT Recovery, innovators in their approach as the nation’s largest faith-based response to trauma and suicide. Using clinical insight, they have designed in-person and online 12-week long courses, which are peer-led and outcome-driven. These courses and their online community aid those from all walks of life, guiding them to work through their stresses and embrace a brighter future.

With Post Traumatic Stress and mental health challenges, we also are seeing countless lives changed and saved, thanks to the commitment of the Mighty Oaks Foundation whose national peer-based discipleship programs reach out to active military, veterans, first responders and their spouses. Mighty Oaks equips its participants with tools to identify and draw from including resiliency, teaching the power of testimony, and fostering the spirit of brotherhood to help them fight through and conquer their own personal challenges.

Post Traumatic Growth (PTG) is transformation following trauma and is indeed possible for those who have experienced terrible events. They can go on to have a renewed appreciation for life, more personal strength, greater awareness, and increased compassion for those around them. For more information visit: REBOOT Recovery

Mighty Oaks Foundation

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Meet Alfred

Alfred was released after serving 20+ years in prison in December 2021. Since his release, Alfred has obtained his driver's license, got a vehicle, connected with family, and obtained employment. Alfred has been instrumental in training & rehabilitating dogs for JOB Dog.

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Last month, over 100 people from across California gathered for an unprecedented reunion of formerly incarcerated TUMI students who are faithfully serving as leaders in their homes, churches, and communities. It truly was a reunion. Many had not seen each other since they were incarcerated together. There were many hugs, and introductions to new wives and children. It was a joy to see them in civilian clothes since we met them in prison at their TUMI classes or graduations. One of those graduations was for Robert Hernandez. In 2016, he was scheduled to graduate with Howard in Calipatria but the night before the ceremony he was abruptly transferred to another prison. However, Prison Fellowship later arranged for Robert to have his own ceremony. 

Now years later, we met Robert’s wife and got a picture with him and Howard, reunited once again. Another graduation we attended was for Albert. We remembered his testimony, after decades of solitary confinement, he came to Christ, taught himself to read, and then was released to the general population and graduated from TUMI. He told me how much he has reflected on the words of encouragement we gave him at his ceremony, and that he counts us among the most influential people in his life. We visited with Carlos Sanchez and his newlywed wife Arlene, whom we had only seen on Zoom since his release. It was wonderful to see them in person as they celebrated their first anniversary. 

We also re-connected with Harry, whom we had not seen in four years. We met his new wife and infant son, Harry III. He told me that my book "Jesus Cropped from the Picture" was foundational for him and that the Onesimus Workshop was a spot-on description of his re-entry process. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this reunion was that it was entirely run by Jarret Keith’s Testimony Ministries, so it was led by, and made up of, California’s returning citizens. When it was over, TUMI Founder Dr. Davis and I congratulated Jarret for this great event. He looked at us and said, “All I did was follow through on what you told us to do.” In that moment, all we have invested in the last 15 years came to fruition. It’s a dream come true to climb out of the driver’s seat and hand over the keys to these splendid TUMI graduates.

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Hebrews 6:10

"God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them."

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Flag Day

June 14, 2022

National PTSD Awareness Month

The Month of June

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