March 19, 2021
Honoring Women
Dear Friends,

Women's History Month is an opportunity to highlight and reflect on the many contributions made by women throughout history. 

From mothers and grandmothers to siblings and daughters, take some time this month to show your appreciation to the important women in your life! 
There are many generic “templates” and resources available on the internet. But using these documents to file for divorce can be disastrous—every situation is unique, and your divorce filing needs to be customized and created for you by an attorney who understands your situation. 

Here are some potential issues you may run into:

- Internet files can quickly become outdated, causing a lot of issues down the road.
- If you're not up to reading and deciphering the meaning behind divorce statute, you can miss something important. Many people without attorneys don't file all the required documents. 
- Lawyers ensure that you will not miss a filing deadline, hearing, or any other important date that is crucial to the process.

It's three to five times more expensive to remedy a situation that was done wrong initially than it is to simply pay a lawyer to do it right the first time. 

To avoid these costly mistakes, contact our office today.
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Stay well,

Bill Gentry
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