8 Lessons in Diplomacy from Ambassador Edward J. Perkins
Ambassador Perkins leaves a legacy that inspires diplomats to this day. In his memoir Mr. Ambassador: Warrior for Peace, Perkins shares his life story and diplomatic wisdom. Here are just a few lessons from Ambassador Perkins on the skills and tools necessary to be a great diplomat. Read More.
February 24: The Legacy of Ambassador Perkins
In addition to his numerous accomplishments and trailblazing career, Ambassador Perkins was a devoted husband and father. Please join NMAD Acting Director Dr. Jane Carpenter-Rock as she discusses Ambassador Perkins’ life and legacy with his daughters, Katherine Perkins and Sarah Perkins. Watch the event here.
La Amistad and Upholding Democracy

Using international treaties in arguing the 1841 Supreme Court case The United State v. The Amistad, American abolitionists challenged the United States government's attempts to illegally enslave kidnapped Africans. Discover how the practice of diplomacy was used to enforce the rule of law in our discussion with NMAD Public Historian Dr. Alison Mann. Watch the event here.
From Secretaries to Senators: The Historic Road to the Presidency
In the early years of the Republic, the Secretary of State cabinet position appeared to be a stepping stone to the presidency. However, in the 1830s, Secretaries of State became markedly less successful in their presidential runs. Read more about the Department of State and the path to the presidency.
March 9: Diplomacy Classroom Celebrating the Peace Corps
The Peace Corps is celebrating its 60th anniversary! Join our conversation with Peace Corps recruiter Rachel Hatch, a returned Volunteer who served in Mongolia. In our discussion, we will learn about what the Peace Corps does abroad, the lives of Volunteers around the world, and how many go on to careers in diplomacy. RSVP.