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Friday, May 22, 2020
Links to Worship Service
We've recently updated the front page of our website to make it easier for you and visitors to locate the links to our Worship Services and Worship Materials. Just click on the words in bold blue type!

You can also continue to refer to your Friday edition of GLC---Connects! for the links (in bold red type) lo cated under Pastor Trudy's message.

If you find yourself in a hurry Sunday morning, save yourself time and head directly to
We're honoring graduating high school seniors!
We'll be recognizing our 2020 graduating high school seniors in a slideshow during Sunday Worship. Congratulations GLC seniors:
Evan Blad, Katie Desens, Makena Gonzlez, Joe Hopkins, Alene Lautenschlager, Tony Vilchis, and Mary Clare Voreis!
Lighting our candles together
Bring a candle into the space where you worship and we'll light our candles together at the beginning of Sunday's worship.
Pastor Trudy's Message
What happens in resurrection?  We will hear the clearest passage from the Bible about resurrection as Paul uses a garden metaphor to explain. The real challenge isn’t actually the resurrection, though it is the fact that we (and those we love) need to die before we and they can experience it. We’ll see if we can find a garden metaphor for that.  God, in your creation we see abundant creativity and that you have placed in our care all that we need for life. Help us to see what you’ve provided, to share it and to see the part that death plays in all of it. In Jesus name, Amen .

Click here for the 9:00 am Sunday service on the GLC YouTube channel
Click here for the Worship Folder and God's Story Our Story
Click here for the Children's Worship Folders: Ages 3+ and Ages 7+
Virtual Coffee Hour
Sunday, May 24 @ 9:45 am
Let's meet for coffee and conversation after Sunday Worship! Simply click on this link for   ZOOM .
ZOOM into Sunday School
Sunday, May 24 @ 10:15 am
YOU'RE INVITED! We'll sing songs, listen to bible stories, and have fellowship and fun with Sunday School friends! Use this link to   ZO OM into Sunday School. We hope to see you there!
When can we come back to church?  We will begin offering a few more in person things once the shelter-at-home order is lifted. Sunday mornings will stay online, as we will still be restricted to groups of 10 or less for the next phase of opening in Illinois. Council, Bible study, and special classes will still meet via zoom. We are working on protocols for small group gatherings; cleaning, masks, hand washing and physical distancing will all be a part for those who plan to come. This could include small group communion gatherings, outdoor/porch/patio communions and drive through communion with as many options as possible so that people can feel connected and protected. We are not naive, we understand the goal is not to eliminate the virus, but to keep it at a level that allows our health care system to best care for people who do get sick. We are aware that gatherings will be different and we still will not all be able to come together. We are working to balance the need to feel a part of a larger community, the need to protect the vulnerable, and the need for our faith when we feel anxious.
We lift up in prayer
  • Those struggling with isolation and mental health
  • Our leaders as they work to balance safety and activity
  • Those suffering with COVID-19 and their families
  • Health Care workers for safety and emotional support
  • All people who support essential work

ZOOM meetings to find the body of Christ in Quarantine

Enneagram Part 2!
Tuesday, May 26 @ 7 pm
More about the types we lead with plus we’ll go a little deeper with subtypes and wings.  NOTE: earlier time! 
Click on link to join!

Bible Study with Pastor Wende
Thursday, May 28 @ 9:30 am
Pastor Wende will lead this week's study. We'll look back at Sunday and ahead to next Sunday's reading.
Click on the  link   to join!
Camera System Purchase
Streaming worship services are part of our future at GLC! With that in mind; the finance team, executive team, staff and council worked to find solutions, as we are currently using borrowed equipment. On May 19, the council voted to spend up to $20,000 to purchase and install cameras and streaming equipment. Two proposals were received; the differentiating factor was cost of installation and sourcing of equipment. We opted for name brand, warrantied equipment. The monies will come from a combination of the Capital Projects Fund established when we refinanced the mortgage and the building fund; both are already designated by the congregation for continued improvement of our building in order to enhance our ministries. Contact council with any questions.

GLC Life in Pictures

GLCers made it an extra-special birthday for Gerda Evans who turned 96 on Wednesday. The Swanson family kicked off the surprise festivities by decorating Gerda's front lawn early that morning. Later, many folks participated in a drive-by "Honk for Gerda's Birthday" parade. What a wonderful birthday gift and celebration for Gerda! She and her family were extremely grateful. Gerda misses her GLC family and seeing all of you lifted her spirits and brightened her day. Thank you all for being the body of Christ at this unique time! #WhereistheBodyofChrist