Dear Coalition,

This Veterans Day, we come together to pay our heartfelt tribute to the courageous men and women who have selflessly dedicated their lives to serving our nation. We reflect on the profound sacrifices made by these brave individuals, and express our deep appreciation for their unwavering commitment to our collective well-being. As we honor the immense loyalty and devotion of our service members, we also embrace the incredible potential for healing that psychedelic medicines have to offer.

On this significant day, we are delighted to remind you of an upcoming talk by Jon Dalton, President of the Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines, whose distinguished career in the SEAL Teams spans a remarkable two and a half decades. Jon's journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of unconventional solutions to unconventional problems, a theme that weaves a profound connection between his service and the transformative potential of psychedelic medicines, and lies at the very core of our mission. Jon Dalton's remarkable career not only exemplifies a commitment to innovative thinking and problem-solving, but also reflects the resilient spirit of our veterans.

We invite you to join us this Friday, November 17th, 5:30 -7:00 pm for the Sierra Psychedelic Society monthly meeting (The Studio Reno 1085 S. Virginia St) for a thought-provoking discussion with Jon, as he shares his insights and experiences that have brought him to the forefront of the evolving conversation around psychedelic medicines.

Scroll down for more info and reserve your ticket HERE.

As we celebrate this important day, we extend our deep appreciation for this growing community, and for the incredible support and advocacy of this coalition! (Our recent fall fundraiser was a great success, and we look forward to sending highlights in our upcoming newsletter.) Your enduring commitment to advancing psychedelic legislation, research, and therapy will undoubtedly save lives. Today, especially, we acknowledge the many veterans who are suffering, and we hold the promise that this important work will bring much needed healing and revolutionize mental health.

In hope, solidarity and gratitude,

-The NCPM Team


This just in: 3NEWS interviews NCPM President Jon Dalton

Magic in mushrooms? Veterans working to legalize psychedelic drugs in Nevada

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines is making a push to help veterans combat post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.Watch here.

Marine Corps Veteran & NCPM Cofounder and Director, Bruno Moya, advocates for mental health at NAMI

Nevada Coalition for Psychedelic Medicines expresses our extreme gratitude to Senator Rochelle Nguyen, Bruno Moya, and Dr. Dustin Hines for their advocacy at the NAMI Southern Nevada Annual Conference!

In the words of Senator Nguyen:

"Just wrapped up our panel at the 2023 NAMI Southern Nevada's Annual Education Conference. Presenting alongside Dr. Dustin Hines and Bruno Moya was a privilege. The conversational program was rich, and the insights about mental health and the future of psychedelics were truly transformative. Feeling grateful for this collaborative platform!”

Thank you to Cofounder & Director of NCPM, Bruno Moya, for your hard work, expertise and enduring dedication to raising awareness around mental health and the great potential for healing through psychedelic medicines.

We are at MCON this weekend!

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"When properly motivated, we have seen that this nation can solve major problems in unprecedented time. The same should be true with the life-threatening issues affecting the veteran community. Veterans should be priorities, not chess pieces for political maneuverings. In the past few years, new treatment options have emerged from the often-stigmatized source of psychedelics. Psilocybin, MDMA and similar substances have been passing through clinical trials with unprecedented rates of success for treating depression, PTSD and addiction to the point that some have been declared ‘Breakthrough Therapies’ by the Food and Drug Administration."


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