Class of 2020:
End of Year Events
Dear Seniors and Parents:
I want to thank you for your prayers and patience as we took time to consider the best possible means to honor our senior class in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Through the efforts of our senior student leadership council, senior class sponsors, and a group of senior class moms, we were able to assemble a graduation events steering committee to meet and discuss next steps. As a committee, we feel very good about the plans we have come to embrace, and we believe that you will appreciate them as well.  Please see below for the highlighted plans we have assembled to honor our seniors depending on the date we return to school this spring as well as state and Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

It is hoped these details provide you all a ray of hope in this time of uncertainty. Please continue to pray with us that God in His mercy would eradicate this virus and bring us all back together again soon in community to experience Warrior Pride! 

In Christ,

Gabe Pethtel
DCHS/DCJH Principal
End of Year Events PLAN A - In Case We Return To School May 4
May 2 - Junior/Senior Banquet & Dance at Carillon Park (Postponed to later date, if possible) 

May 8 – Last Day of Classes for Seniors 

May 11-13 – Senior Final Exams  

May 14 – Senior Breakfast at DC (Canceled)  

May 15 – Parents of Seniors Breakfast at DC (Canceled) 

May 15 – Senior Chapel  

May 15 – Senior Walk through DC (Tentative) 

May 17 – Baccalaureate at Southbrook (Canceled) 

May 17-22 – Senior Trip to Awanita Valley, GA. (Postponed to later date at a local venue) 

May 23 – Commencement Practice at Southbrook 

May 24 – Commencement at Southbrook 
End of Year Events PLAN B - In The Event We Do Not Return To School This Spring
Junior/Senior Banquet & Dance @ Carillon Park (Postponed to a later date, if possible) 

May 8 – Last Day of Online Classes for Seniors 

May 11-13 – Senior Final Exams Online  

May 14 – Senior Breakfast at DC (Canceled)  

May 15 – Parents of Seniors Breakfast at DC (Canceled) 

May 15 – Senior Chapel (Delivered through Video Link) 

May 15 – Senior Walk through DC (Changed to a Senior “Drive-Through”; details TBA) 

May 17 – Baccalaureate at Southbrook (Canceled)

June 25 - Junior/Senior Banquet and Dance 

June 26 – Senior Trip/Outing (Moved to a local destination on this date, if possible; details TBA) 

June 27 – Commencement Practice at Southbrook 

June 28 – Commencement at Southbrook (Likely limited to immediate family only)

*If we do not return to school this spring and social distance restrictions continue through June, Dayton Christian administration reserves the right to make the unfortunate decision to cancel any in-person senior events in favor of live feed and video venues while continuing to focus on honoring our seniors. 
Additional Information: End of Year Plans

If you are curious about further details of our graduation plans, there are a few special details highlighted below for your knowledge. 

  • Ceremonial Rocks (to be incorporated to either senior trip or graduation practice) 

  • Campfire/Rock Devotion (to be incorporated into senior trip, if held) 

  • Parent Letters (to be gathered and presented at senior trip or graduation practice)  

  • Opportunity to Bond/Express Sentiment to Classmates (in person or by video) 

  • My Three Words Video 

In addition to our DC graduation traditions, our graduation events steering committee has also come up with a few new ideas to honor the Class of 2020. 

  • DC Class of 2020 Yard Signs – Steering committee will make personal deliveries 

  • Senior Drive-Through Event – Details TBA 

  • Facebook Senior Picture/Encouragement Campaign- Please see below
Social Media Campaign to Honor Our Seniors

We will begin featuring several seniors a day on our Dayton Christian School Instagram and Facebook feeds beginning next week. Please send in a senior photo and two candid shots of special moments this past year for your senior recognition post.

Please answer one or more of the questions below :

  • What is your favorite memory of DC this year?

  • If you could go back in time, what would you tell your freshman self?

  • What’s one thing you want your classmates to remember about you? Or, if your classmates could only remember you by one word what word would you want that word to be?

Maximum length of the post is 150 characters (including spaces) so choose your words carefully. Hashtags are permitted.

Email photos and text to by Friday, April 17.