Empowering Women And Children Impacted By The Criminal Justice System

Earlier this week, Governor Kathy Hochul proposed sweeping regressive changes to criminal justice reforms we've fought hard to pass.

We're joining advocates around the state because Kalief's life mattered. A brown boy who languished for three years on Rikers Island without a conviction, only to be released with such deep trauma from jail, which caused him to take his own life.

Let's be clear: weakening equal access to discovery, changes to bail reform and sentencing children as adults will be disastrous. We will see significantly higher rates of incarceration for women and children, especially women and children of color. Criminalizing children, allowing laws that will dictate who can afford to pay their way out of jail and who can't, is just plain wrong. New Hour is proud to join advocates across the state to fight back, here's our statement.

Want to know more about why Governor Hochul's agenda is deeply harmful? Take a listen to the Legal Aid Society's info session here. We hope you'll considering joining us too, here's how:

  1. Monday, March 21: Small advocacy day in Albany in support of real solutions to create community safety.
  2. Thursday, March 24: Rally with many other organizations in NYC supporting bail reform and decriminalizing children.
  3. Monday, March 28: Large-scale advocacy day in Albany.

Please RSVP HERE with our partners at RAPP to participate in any or all of these days, we need your help. Travel and food will be provided.

In Solidarity with Kalief,

Serena & the New Hour Team