Dear Families,

Every semester, the faculty and staff of the Purdue Honors College continue to be impressed by the ingenuity and commitment we see in our students. During this Thanksgiving break, we hope they share with you the new projects, events and other activities they are involved in. 

We are truly thankful for their hard work and your support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Honors College Offering Grants for Scholarly Project Expenses
Each Purdue Honors College student will complete a scholarly project in which they contribute new knowledge to their field. The Purdue Honors College has recently established a program that can provide students with funding for the various expenses they may incur from completing their projects.

Funds of up to $1,000 may be requested to support expenses. Students with a need that exceeds $1,000 may propose a larger amount for consideration. 

What is considered an eligible grant expense? 
* Printing posters for presentations 
* Travel to conferences 
* Purchase of equipment 
* Supplies 
* And more...
Supporting the Honors College

The Purdue Honors College provides a unique interdisciplinary experience and hopes to do so with as few financial barriers to students as possible. Our efforts to make this living learning community accessible have been supported by the generosity of alumni, friends, and family. We hope you will consider joining them by supporting the Purdue Honors College with a one-time or recurring gift. If you can, please give today!
To discuss making a naming-level or legacy gift with the Honors College please contact us.

Honors Housing Contract Renewal Now Open for 2017-2018

With the addition of the Honors College and Residences North and South buildings, the Purdue Honors College has formed a beautiful neighborhood full of thriving scholars.  I f your student is choosing to live in an Honors College academic residential community during the 2017-2018 school year, here are their options:
  • Third Street Suites (floors 2, 3 and 4 only, upper-division students)
  • Duhme Hall (upper-division students, women only)
  • Honors College and Residences (designated upper-division rooms, floors 5 and 6 HCRN, floor 6 HCRS)
The housing contract portal will remain open until 11:59 p.m. on February 28, 2017 for renewal requests. The system is dynamic and changes frequently (e.g., someone who had previously booked a space changed her/his mind and cancelled the booking).

After February 28, 2017, we will make a wait list available for space in Honors College and Residences. To be eligible for the Honors College and Residences wait list, a student must:
  • Have completed and signed a housing contract for AY 2017-18
  • Be in good standing with the Honors College
Please remember honors housing is a sub-set of University Residences and thus follows all University Residences' rules and procedures. 

Student Spotlights

With students as talented and hardworking as ours, one cannot help but highlight their accomplishments. Each week, the Purdue Honors College is providing a spotlight to various students in the college. 

This week we are featuring Meghan Hawkins. Meghan, a fourth generation Boilermaker studying Management and Finance, is researching the effect and evolution of Title IX. You can learn about Meghan's work and more about her here.

For more student spotlights and news about the Honors College,
click here.


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