Volume 43 | September 11, 2020
Hoback Electronic Herald
On the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, we remember those lost, including twenty-four Canadians. We thank our heroes who were lost on that that horrendous day.

We pay gratitude to those who those who stepped up to assist those in danger - many of which paid the ultimate sacrifice in service to their fellow citizens.

And we are grateful for those who stepped up to help their stranded neighbours to the south.

We Remember.

To mark the 75th anniversary of Canada’s engagement in the Second World War, living Canadian Veterans of that conflict can receive the Second World War Tribute. This special commemorative lapel pin and certificate of recognition from Veterans Affairs Canada is available until the end of 2020.

Living Canadians who served during the Second World War with Canadian or any Allied forces, including the Canadian or British Merchant Navy, qualify to receive a Second World War Tribute. The Second World War Tribute honours the brave Canadians whose sacrifices and achievements helped give us the freedom we enjoy today.

If you or a family member qualify for the Second World War Tribute, you can receive a certificate signed by the Minister of Veterans Affairs, a letter and special lapel pin from VAC.

We are committed to honouring the sacrifices made by Canadians during the Second World War, sacrifices that gave us the peace and freedom we enjoy today.

Through the Second World War Tribute program, help give a living Second World War Veteran this special memento by registering his or her name by clicking here.
I had the opportunity to deliver a truck load of school supplies to the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division just in time for the start of the 2020 school year.

Thank you to the Director of Education Robert Bradvold for accepting the supplies on the School Division's behalf.

I will continue to school collect supplies for the rest of September. Any individuals or businesses who would like to donate can do so by dropping them off at my Prince Albert office.

Please contact my constituency assistant in Prince Albert at randy.hoback.c1@parl.gc.ca or via telephone at (306)953-8622 or
1-800-939-0940 if you would like to make a donation.
On September 9, 2020, the Government of Canada launched the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) 2020–2021 Call for Proposals for community-based projects across Canada.

The deadline to submit applications is October 20, 2020. If your organization would like to apply for funding or learn more about this funding opportunity, visit its website by clicking here . To simplify the application process and for us to provide funds more rapidly, organizations can now complete and submit project proposals online.

This year, organizations can apply for funding to support seniors dealing with the pandemic by submitting project proposals that offer specific COVID-19 relief and recovery activities for seniors. More traditional NHSP projects planned for delivery in 2021–2022 can also be submitted.

The New Horizons for Seniors Program supports projects that address one or more of the five program objectives:
  • promoting volunteerism among seniors and other generations;
  • engaging seniors in the community through the mentoring of others;
  • expanding awareness of elder abuse, including financial abuse;
  • supporting the social participation and inclusion of seniors; and
  • providing capital assistance for new and existing community projects and/or programs for seniors.

Community-based projects are eligible to receive up to $25,000 in grant funding. Funds are set aside for small grants of up to $5,000 for organizations that have not received funding from the program in the past five years.
Over the past couple of months, I asked constituents questions regarding different matters of public policy. Here are the preliminary results:

Question 1: Should the wearing of face masks be mandatory when physical distancing is not possible?

Answer: YES 99 or 50% NO: 99 or 50%

Question 2: Do you support the extension of the Canada-US border closure to all non-essential travel?

Answer: YES 154 or 81% NO: 35 or 19%

Question 3: Do you trust Justin Trudeau to lead Canada through an economic recovery?

Answer: YES 4 or 6.5% NO: 58 or 93.5%
Do you have confidence in the way the Liberal Government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic?

Liberal Health Minister Patty Hajdu claimed yesterday that she was fully briefed on COVID-19 as early as December 2019, three months before making policy changes.

You can watch Minister Hajdu's statement here.

My colleague Michelle Rempel Garner, the Shadow Minister for Health, issued the statement below following Liberal Minister Hajdu's revelation:
“Yesterday, Trudeau’s Health Minister claimed that she was fully briefed on COVID-19 in December and that the Liberals knew the risk that it posed to Canadians. 
“If the Health Minister knew and was fully briefed, Canadians who lost family members want to know: why did she do nothing? Business owners who had to close down their shops, some permanently, want to know: why did she do nothing? If Minister Hajdu hadn’t waited until March to make policy changes, would lives have been saved and would workers still have jobs? 
“A choice was made, and it changed and ended lives. Minister Hajdu was fully briefed. But she didn’t advise her colleagues to close our borders. Minister Hajdu was fully briefed. But she didn’t recommend a state of emergency. Minister Hajdu was fully briefed. But she didn’t advise Canadians to wear masks or implement strict traveller screening. If action had been taken three months earlier, would things be different? Minister Hajdu has demonstrated dangerous incompetence. So why is she still in charge of Canadians’ health and safety?
“At a time when parents are trusting the government to manage COVID-19 as they send their kids back to school, the Trudeau government still has no plan to deal with a second wave other than another costly economic shutdown. This is unacceptable. The Trudeau government has a track record of being slow to react to this pandemic. They shut down our public health early warning system, they allowed millions of masks to be thrown away and not replaced, they dragged their feet on closing our borders, they gave conflicting advice on wearing a mask, and they still have no real plan to deal with a second wave."
The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has reported that more than three-quarters of a million homeowners have either deferred or skipped mortgage payments of $1 billion since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Canadians who received a six-month mortgage deferral in March will now see the deferral period run out in September. Not only is this temporary relief coming to an end, but many will see future bills increase significantly as the previously deferred payments are spread across the remaining term of the mortgage.

Canadians struggling to pay their mortgages don’t need hashtags or photo ops from Justin Trudeau. They need a plan to give them hope for the future.

Justin Trudeau’s government is sadly missing in action on this problem. There is no federal plan to stimulate and attract business investment, to help restaurants and retailers reopen, or to give entrepreneurs hope.

His business support programs have let Canadians down. The wage subsidy came too late and paid out less than a quarter of what the government expected from April to June; the $40,000 Canada Emergency Business Account is too small to help medium-sized companies or those facing 6 months of massive revenue declines; and the rental assistance program requires landlords to participate and tenants to demonstrate a 70% loss of revenue.

Under the leadership of Erin O’Toole, Conservatives will put forward a plan that restores that hope, protects jobs and gets our country back on track.