Hooks Ranch Wins the Park County Fair Ranch Rodeo
Powell, WY— The Hooks Ranch from Thermopolis, Wyoming, hooked a win at the Park County Fair Ranch Rodeo to qualify for the Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE.

The team of Jace Hook, Ranchel Mitchell, Braden Grant, and Mike Lloyd had the fastest overall time and therefore won the whole thing. The Hooks Ranch won the NILE Ranch Rodeo in 2015.

41 Spear Ranch Team won second place made up of Jacob Nicholas, Justin Morgan, Vay Jensen and Curtis Waddington.

Gillian Severe, with the J 3 Lazy Quarter Horses, rode away with the Top Horse award, a nice set of custom stirrups. The MVP, or Top Hand award was given to Mike Lloyd of Hooks Ranch.

Cowboy Relief came in third place. Chris Hatch, Doug Krememer, Sky Grant, and event organizer, Christen Cornett-Grant put together a good run.

Fourth place went to Greg Mackabe, Garrett Severe, and Gillian Severe of the Lazy J 3 Quarter Horses.

Fifth place went to Circle Wave Ranch; Paul, Kinley, and Rylee Erickson, and Clayton Galloway.

6th place went to Dryhead Ranch; Jake and Jess Hahn, Tyler Lindquist and Reece May.

7th place went to Rock Creek Ranch; Jerry Jill, Mike Apanashk, Colt Kolacny, and Duncan Vezain.

The Buttons and Pryor Mountain Ranches ties for 8th place. Chris, Jasper, Chance Button, and Chris Hatch on the Buttons Team, and Clayton and Danielle Malson, Mike Keyser, and Cameron Carroll on the Pryor Mountain Ranches team.

Rounding it out in 10th place was the Bear Creek Unit made up of Bryan Elliot, Casey O'Reilly, Tom Gibbons, and Jimmy Basso.
The winning team from the Park County Fair Ranch Rodeo will compete at the  Farstad Oil Ranch Rodeo Finals at the NILE  Saturday, October 13 at 7 p.m. in Billings, Montana. The NILE is proud to have the Park County Fair Ranch Rodeo as one of the sanctioning partners. 
The Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) is a non-profit organization 501(c)5 established in 1967 that is dedicated to preserving and embracing the Western lifestyle through the promotion of livestock, agriculture education, and respect of the western tradition. Billings, Montana.
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