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We are trying to find out if you, our customers utilize our retail locations in Charlevoix or Traverse or would you prefer to either come to the farm, see us at Annual events,  or order online instead of Retail Locations. Please send us your opinions , feelings, and thoughts on this to help us with our next 5 year strategy planning because we want  to be where we can serve you best.

  Handmade soaps are all botanical. Olive Oil based with some Palm and Coconut Oils added for hardness and creamier lather. All the scents are pure essential oils and the herbal additives are grown here at Creation Herb Farm.
Commercial soaps are blobs of chemical polymers held together by synthetic binding agents, the lather comes from petro based surfactants, the colors, smells, and bubbles are all synthetic chemicals that absorb through your skin and collect in your internal organs as toxins.
If you have not experienced the herbal hand made soaps you will be amazed at how great they feel on your skin!
  Planting some Heirloom tomato seeds today for an early Spring Salad, they will start indoors under lights and will go out to the Solar hoophouse under several  layers of plastic in late January. For teh tomato protection we gain about 1.5 zones for each layer with the hoophouse. The travailing Rosemary has been in full bloom now for almost two months, it is an amazing Aroma to just stand in the middle of for an instant pick me up. The Hydrosol from this Rosemary Bed of Approximately 80, 4 year old plants is one of the items in the Skincare Guardian Clarifying Toner which is a blend of Lemon Balm, Rosemary and both regular and Clary Sage.

The Lemon Balm growth has slowed way back now for the Winter in the Hoophouse, it should start jumping again though in February. This weekwe will be distilling the Greek Oregano in the hoophouse, Origanum Vulgare. We will be sending more information about its possible uses when it is ready to bottle. An interesting visitor arrived inthe Greenhouse for the winter over the past couple weeks, comes back every winter for a little medicinal treat, fresh chickweed greens. A useful herb for teas and tinctures and infused in vinegar is a wonderful natural calcium supplement for the body that doesn't have to claim to be a supplement because it just is. It will flower and die back as soon as it starts to heat up in the Hoophouse in late February. The Chickweed Vinegar will be available in Mid April. 

 For healthy, clean, fresh smelling skin use Creation herbal soaps with natural moisturizers that include special botanicals. Your skin is your first line of defense against disease; keep it healthy with our handmade herbal soaps free from detergents, dyes and synthetic ingredients. Creation Handmade Soaps are celiac safe and free of wheat and gluten. 
These healthy natural hand made soaps were crafted with the finest botanically based oils, herbs and organic ingredients in their purest forms. A healthy natural cleansing soap is the first step in Anna's Skin Care Guardian system. For complete facial and skin care protection including anti-aging and wrinkle preventing herbs.
Herbal Salves can relieve the symptoms of minor burns, poison ivy, swimmers itch, bug bites, bee stings, cuts and wounds, and many other minor skin maladies including all types of rashes.

Calendula, Comfrey, Jewelweed, Plantain, Yarrow, Balm of Gilead, Red Clover, Mullein, Yellow Dock, Witch Hazel and More! These Herbal Salves include herbal infused oils from wildcrafted and certified naturally grown herbs, blends of extracts and essential oils. Creation Farm's Herbal extracts are are also made from Wildcrafted or naturally grown Herbs.
Eczema and Herbs
 Sharing a Thank You
While we can not make claims about what topically applied herbs can do for your health, I thought I would share some information we receive from people who think otherwise.
"Dear Madam: I just wanted to tell you so you can tell your customers - last October we bought your Ancient Healing Herbal Salve for my daughter's inner elbow that had severe eczema on it.  We had been using Gold Bond for over a year on it and as long as we kept a thick coat on constantly it subsided a bit but the moment it dried or was wiped off by clothing the redness reappeared and it was a constant battle keeping it at bay.  By Christmas the eczema was almost gone with your salve, so we ordered another bottle and now her skin looks like brand new skin and we may be even able to stop using it altogether.  The eczema was popping up other places on her body like legs and the other arm and those have all vanished.  I'm wondering if the herbs have gone down into the organ of her skin and taken care of the other bits and pieces of the eczema (??).  Thank you so much for letting God use you to make these wonderful herbal healers for the rest of us!  May He bless you for it.   Sincerely, Joy"

The Ancient Healer Salve was also recommended by the Crystal Lake Watershed Association at an annual meeting for Swimmers Itch Relief. Red dots and Itch disappear immediately with seconds.
Anne Marie Sangemino - The Skincare Guardian
Mike Hulbert
Creation Herb Farm
When visiting Northern Michigan stop in at the farm in Frankfort and say Hi! 
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