Greetings from our home offices!
Have you ever seen a small and seemingly delicate flower break its way through concrete?

If you get a chance this spring to see such a thing, stop and really look at that little sign of hope, of life, of courage and determination. It's a celebration of perseverance and tenacity.

We are reminded of our Snowflakes families and their determination to to bless others with their remaining embryos, and to celebrate the new lives that result.

The generous hearts of both our placing and adopting parents is one thing that motivates the Snowflake team to persevere through difficult times, like now. Our team continues to successfully work from home on your behalf to keep you moving forward.
Thank you for choosing Snowflakes and allowing us to join you in the journey.
Snowflake Babies are Life Affirming Miracles
Just weeks before the first Snowflake baby, Hannah Strege, was born, the stage was set for the great debate regarding embryonic stem cells research. Many claimed that these cells held the "remarkable potential" to cure debilitating diseases and injuries. Snowflake families traveled to Washington D.C to join President George W. Bush to reinforce the importance of protecting human life at all stages of development. Marlene and John Strege were instrumental in the creation of the first embryo adoption program in the world and suspending research on human embryos for a season. .

Snowflake babies #1, #2 and #3 are now adults, pursuing ambitions, contributing to society and serving their fellow man. Each year more are preparing to take their place as adults in the world. God will continue to work in each of them to fulfill His plans.

The power of story is incredible.

We know that YOUR voice and YOUR story are the most compelling ways to spread the good word
about Snowflakes embryo adoption.

Keep celebrating your story with friends and family. How about sending us a short video story? | 970-663-6799
Lives Full of Purpose, Potential and Passion

"We went from no kids to a bundle of kids!", says Danette Gillingham, the proud mom of two sets of twin girls. When the couple adopted nine Snowflake embryos, they knew the placing family had musical abilities, and so Jeff and Danette purposefully encouraged their daughters in their pursuit of musical opportunities.

Now the four young women, who are all genetic siblings, have formed the Gilly Girls Band. They play many different instruments along with beautiful vocal harmonies . A small taste of their talent was sampled on the 2020 Nightlight California Gala delivered via Zoom in late April.

These young ladies have an obvious zest for life and love for people. Eva Scow, the girls teacher and well-known mandolin artist, says, “The Gilly Girls are bright lights in music; it is a joy to watch them share their gifts. They continue to pursue musical excellence on their instruments, and are quickly maturing into seasoned musicians with humility, creativity, and a passion to match.” 

Recently the girls have decided to begin integrating their embryo adoption story into their performances. They've also added it to the home page of their website.

Danette claims, "God kept pushing into our hearts that He had children for us through embryo adoption." The family adopted four sets of embryos before they gave birth to their daughters.

The family's commitment to the pursuit of children through embryo adoption is inspirational. Successful pregnancy is not always achieved immediately when couples adopt embryos, but many of our adopting families can attest to the joy realized as a result of their perseverance, and the amazing people their adopted children have become.
April Babies - New Lives with Exciting Potential

This month we welcome 8 new Snowflakes babies.


G and B welcomed their daughter, Reagan #715
J and A welcomed their son, Andrew #716
M and A welcomed their son, James #717
J and T welcomed their sons, Finnley #718 and Elias #719
B and J welcomed their sons, Jackson #720 and Daniel #721
E and K welcomed their daughter, Addison #722
Intently focused and already learning about EVERYTHING.
Andrew is all cuddled up wondering when he will meet his big brother
James is filled with questions waiting to be asked!
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