Hope Center Houston
October 2019 Newsletter
Ribbon Cutting
If you plan to attend, please R.S.V.P. by November 8th to Diane@HopeCenterHouston.org
Reach for the Stars Gala
Our Reach for the Stars Gala was a huge success!! Thank you to everyone who donated, volunteered and joined us for an extraordinary evening in support of Hope Center Houston. A special thanks to our honoree, Commissioner and Mrs. Jack Cagle.
Achiever of the Year - Andrew Rey
October 10th, World Homeless Day, was a special day for Hope Center Houston and Andrew Rey, a previous guest in 2016-2017. The Coalition for the Homeless awarded Andrew the “Achiever of the Year” award for successfully overcoming homelessness. In Andrew’s words, “I just acquired a pay raise through Plumber’s Union 68 and my next semester of school starts in a couple weeks! You are all so much a part of my success and sobriety and, so again, I give thanks to God for what y’all did to help me back. Had you not been there, I may well have died in the street in my addiction. The volunteers are always and forever in my heart and prayers. God bless you for the amazing help you are giving to the community.”
Volunteers Needed
Our volunteers are the heart of our center and we could not survive without them. Increasing the services offered at our new facility, along with a larger facility to maintain, keeps us always in need of new volunteers. Even if you only have three hours per week to contribute, your assistance is needed and welcomed. Visit our website at hopecenterhouston.org or call 832-965-5511 for more info. Volunteers, you bless us in so many ways and we thank you!  
Volunteer of the Month

Ronald Davis, affectionately known as Gunny, is a most amazing person. A retired Marine, Gunny made a career serving our nation. He was deployed seven times to war zones and returned home to continue serving. Today, he serves our homeless guests at Hope Center Houston. Gunny rises early and checks online to see where we need volunteers for the day. If there is an opening, he catches a bus and shows up to do whatever is needed; he runs the laundry or cleans the showers. His work is meticulous; he is still a Marine at heart. He follows and enforces the rules and when necessary, goes to a superior for support.
Thank you, Gunny. You are the best!
What is Hope?
Hope is a future word, a positive outlook. It clings to the belief that there is something good around the corner. Hope tells me to get out of bed in the morning and expect something worthwhile to transpire. The Bible says, “Where there is no hope, the people parish.” Proverbs 29:18 The absence of hope is emptiness and despair. If I have no hope, I have no reason to get out of bed. If I see no solution for my unhappiness, I have no reason to live.

Hope Center Houston is a place where the most destitute can expect to find encouragement, good food, a hot shower, clean clothes, and a haircut. They will find people who care for them and who are willing to help them find resources for a better tomorrow. Hope Center Houston offers a reason to get out of bed in the morning. We are a faith-based refuge committed to sharing the HOPE we have found in God who is our refuge .