August 2020 Issue
Hustle for Hope Wrap-Up
Our inaugural virtual Hustle for Hope 5K had almost 200 participants and we were able to raise more than $6,700 for Hope for HIE!

These critical funds allow us to continue to fulfill our mission dedicated to awareness, education and support for HIE.

Thank you so much for supporting this new effort, and we look forward to having more events in the future that bring together our community from all around the world.
Meet our Newest Board Member

We are excited to introduce you to our newest member to our Board of Directors: Becky Detlef.

Becky recently joined the Hope for HIE Board in the position of Secretary, replacing Lindsay Vanzandt, who served on the Board of Directors for five years. We want to thank Lindsay for her incredible service during her tenure on the board. She will continue volunteering as a support network administrator.

Becky has served as one of the administrators of our HIE Loss Support group for many years, and most recently attended a training for peer-to-peer support hosted by the Child Neurology Foundation in December 2019 for Hope for HIE.

Becky's perspective on experiencing HIE loss first-hand will be a significant asset to our Board of Directors, and we are so grateful for all she has already contributed to our organization, and all that is to come.

Look for an upcoming HOPE GOES LIVE! on our social media channels with Becky.
Medical Advisory Board Educational Series Launches
Our Medical Advisory Board is launching an Educational Video Series, where they will be discussing multiple topics related to HIE, the different way it can affect a child, and topics applicable to families and caregivers.

The series will be broadcast across our social media and website with sessions planned through early 2021.

Adriana Salcido, MSW, Medical Advisory Board chair, kicks off the series discussing Trauma, the effects, coping strategies and making meaning from trauma.

Here's a look at what's coming:

September, 2020: Sara Morgan - PT Telehealth & Home Programs
October, 2020: Deborah Zelinsky - Supporting Visual Development
November, 2020: Seth Warschausky - Neuropsychological Development
December, 2020: Ed Hurvitz - Growing Up with Cerebral Palsy
January, 2021: Sue Hall - Dealing with the Emotional After-Effects of a NICU stay
February, 2021: Mohammed El Dib - Cooling & the Newborn Brain Society
Hope for HIE in the Spotlight: Collaborating with Social Workers
We are so grateful to collaborate with members of National Association of Perinatal Social Workers to further help HIE families.

Jennifer Kegyes, Hope for HIE Family & Professional Outreach Chair, was recently one of their member spotlights in the

We deeply appreciate the work Jennifer does for the HIE community, including organizing our new member care packages and leading our Medical Advisory Board.

Her recognition is well-deserved!

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