July 2020 Issue
Mask Up! Spread HOPE, Not Germs.
We want all of our families to be safe, and here's a way to get some great quality masks for your kids or for yourself.

Kids masks come in a 5-pack for $35, so you can easily wash and rewear. Adult masks come in a 1-pack for $15.

And, while you wear your mask, you can spread hope and support Hope for HIE, allowing us to continue supporting families impacted by HIE.

But time is running out, the campaign will close in less than a week.

Thank you for your support!
Back to School: To send or not to send?

As the start of the next school year approaches, parents are facing a difficult choice of how their children should be educated.

We know the uncertainty parents are facing, from keeping their children safe to making sure their children receive the services they need.

This webinar will focus on helping parents understand the legal implications of different options, including in-person learning, digital learning, homeschooling, and homebound/home instruction providing ideas on how to maintain certain IDEA rights while maximizing flexibility.

The webinar will be at 1 p.m. on Tuesday, July 28. And you can register by clicking below.
Shortening the Diagnostic Odyssey: Parents & Caregiver Input Needed
We’re proud to partner with the Child Neurology Foundation to conduct a survey to understand caregivers’ experiences on their journey to a diagnosis, whether that is the lack of naming HIE, or a subsequent diagnosis like cerebral palsy or epilepsy resulting from HIE.

We know in particular, this is challenging for many of our families.

As a key part of our mission, we are always looking for ways to partner with researchers and clinicians to improve the quality of care and quality of life for our children and families.

Results will be shared with health care providers, so they are better able serve families and ideally find ways to shorten the diagnostic odyssey.

You can take the survey by clicking the button below.
Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting:
Neonatal Seizure Registry Findings
Hope for HIE has been a participant organization of the PCORI-funded Neonatal Seizure Registry project.

One of the principal investigators, Hannah Glass, MD, will be presenting her exciting findings during the Neonatology Summer Webinar Series, hosted by the Pediatric Academic Societies.

Topics of the webinar will include recent research into treatments, testing and outcomes in newborns with HIE.

Register below to attend the webinar, which will be at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 28.
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