October 2020 Issue
Medical Advisory Board Educational Series Update
Our Medical Advisory Board has launched an Educational Video Series, discussing multiple topics related to HIE.

You can check out the first two videos in the series below:

Videos are either pre-recorded and presented, or a live Q&A through social media on Hope for HIE's Facebook page.

Here's a look at what's coming:

October 27, 2020: Deborah Zelinsky, OD, FNORA - Supporting Visual Development
November 12, 2020: Seth Warschausky, PhD - Neuropsychological Development
December, 2020: Ed Hurvitz, MD - Growing Up with Cerebral Palsy
January, 2021: Sue Hall, MD - Dealing with the Emotional After-Effects of a NICU stay
February, 2021: Mohammed El Dib, MD - Cooling & the Newborn Brain Society
Medical Advisory Board Update
Hope for HIE's Board of Directors and Medical Advisory Board is pleased to announce Brooke Rakes, PhD(c), RN, RNC-NIC to an appointment on our Medical Advisory Board.

Brooke brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and expertise to our MAB and we look forward to her contributions to help us move forward our mission. You can learn more about Brooke by clicking below.

We also wish Dr. Seetha Shankaran a very happy retirement, as she moves on professionally and off the Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Shankaran has been dubbed the "godmother of modern therapeutic hypothermia in neonates", and we cannot thank her enough for being a part of the initial Medical Advisory Board, and her contributions that have certainly decreased death and disability in the HIE community, directly impacting so many of our families.

From all of us at Hope for HIE, thank you to Brooke and Dr. Shankaran.

New Resources to Better Understand HIE
In order to help raise awareness and promote education about HIE, we routinely create new resource materials, such as videos and graphics that break down information about HIE.

We recently added a new resource; a video explaining the levels of HIE, which you can find below.

We know how confusing it can be to understand the different ways "levels" with HIE: mild, moderate, severe, and what that may mean for your child.

Please feel free to share this resource widely. Have an idea for more educational topics and content? Email admin@hopeforhie.org.
Trexo Robotics - Partner in Hope
We're excited to announce Trexo Robotics is a new Silver level Partner in Hope, through our Partners in Hope program. 

Trexo's support will help us fund valuable work being done by Hope for HIE, increasing our ability to tackle two big goals in this next growth curve of our organization: 1) Decreasing the incidence of HIE and 2) Improving the Quality of Life for our children and families.

Trexo is on a mission to help children with disabilities live healthier lives by helping them walk. Several kiddos from our HIE community have successfully used the Trexo Home and we look forward to sharing their stories in the future!

If you work for, work with, or know of another organization that may be interested in becoming one of our Partners in Hope, please reach out to David Ford at david@hopeforhie.org
Be sure to check out this giveaway from our new partner!
Right now, Trexo is running a contest where you can nominate your local hospital or treatment center to win a free Trexo Plus for a year.

Entry is easy, just visit https://trexorobotics.com/trexo-plus-giveaway/ and vote for your facility before the contest closes on October 7th. 
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