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RotaCare Bay Area is a volunteer alliance of medical professionals, organizations and community members dedicated to providing free healthcare services to uninsured families and individuals with limited ability to pay for medical care.
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Our staff and volunteers worked hard to make sure this summer was a healthier time of year for our patients. 

As the summer season continues, and sunny mornings turn into sweltering days, we anticipate the need for our services will increase. 
With your help , we can continue to care for the most vulnerable members of our communities from the elderly to struggling families unable to afford the vital medical care they need to get back to work and care for their families.

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Greetings from our CEO!

As services for the uninsured have increased in Alameda County, the San Leandro RotaCare Clinic, which was located at the Davis Street Clinic, has closed its doors. This clinic was the only RotaCare clinic to serve primarily pediatric patients, and those patients are currently being served by county and/or state programs.   RotaCare Bay Area would like to recognize Rose Johnson, CEO of the Davis Street Family Resource Center as well as Dr. Mika Hiramatsu, Medical Director, for their dedication to the clinic.
RotaCare clinics continue to provide services to the uninsured and underinsured in the following Counties:
  • Monterey
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Clara
  • San Mateo
  • Contra Costa
  • Marin
On a different note, RotaCare Bay Area is excited to be launching a new and improved website. The updated, mobile-friendly site can be found at

  Jatinderpal Kaur Sahi, M S, MBA


We need volunteers to help with anything and everything. Medically trained and licensed volunteers ( MD, RN, NP)  are always needed.

We also need medical interpreters, reception assistance, help with data entry, patient intake, and other tasks within our clinic and our administrative office...   Click here to learn how you can be an amazing volunteer.
RotaCare Daly City Changes its name: RotaCare Northern Peninsula, Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Earlier this year, RotaCare Daly City Free Medical Clinic changed its name to RotaCare Northern Peninsula Free Medical Clinic to better reflect the areas served by the clinic. Everything else remains the same - the location, the hours, and the services.
RotaCare Northern Peninsula Free Medical Clinic is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018. With the help of hundreds of volunteers, the clinic has served over 11,500 patients since opening in 1993. As the the only free walk-in urgent clinic in Northern San Mateo County, we look forward to continuing to treat the urgent medical needs of uninsured residents of the surrounding communities.

Richmond Clinic Updates: Clinic Wait Times

The clinic flow project started in Sep 2017 in response to a clinic meeting where the leads saw that we had a problem with patient wait times but didn't know where the bottle necks were and how long intake, triage, visit, and discharge took, and so couldn't create an informed solution.
Since then, we have recorded 308 patients and 40 clinics, and counting. For each patient, we recorded both time and qualitative data. Timed data are times when the patient goes in and out of each "station" - check-in, triage, visit, discharge. Qualitative data are potential confounding variables that might affect these times, e.g. a point-of-care test was known to increase visit time.
Here, I would like to focus on one or two interesting results for each of our 3 wait times - time waiting from check-in to triage, from triage to visit, and from visit to discharge.
For patients that waited more than 10 minutes from check-in to triage, we recorded why they waited so long. Interestingly, 25% of the reasons were preventable. The most common reasons were triage nurse chose the wrong patient, the nurse needed to change the password for their Athenanet account, and the room was not yet set up.
For our providers, we had a clear split between those who took an average of 20-30 minute per visit and those who took 10-15 minutes per visit. If at least one provider at clinic that day had an average visit time of 10-15 minutes, then the chance that the patient waited 20min (average time in visit) or more from triage to visit decreased from 53% to 16%. To decrease this wait time, we tried using discharge nurses. If a nurse discharged the patient, the provider was 60% likely to be seeing the next patient at the same time that the first patient was being discharged.
For the visit to discharge wait time, we had assumed that more difficult cases would mean longer wait times because the provider would need to spend more time reviewing the chart and finalizing the orders. But interestingly, using length of visit as a measure for the difficulty of the patient's case, we found no direct correlation between length of visit and length of wait time; for most patients, they were as likely to wait 5-10 minutes as they were 15 minutes or more.
Based on these preliminary findings and others, I suggested thatRotacare Richmond Clinic try several ideas, from asking nurses to come in earlier to change their Athenanet password (which re-sets every 3 months or so), tracking number of diagnoses as a proxy for case complexity, to increasing patient appointment times to 45 minute increments starting from the 3rd patient for each provider if the providers that day had 20-30 minute average visit times.
As a specific example: during our April 3 clinic, we had two providers, two nurses, but no discharge nurse, We had the usual number of scribes, interpreters, administrators, and front desk people. We saw 9 patients.   We had 9 long wait times (>10 minutes for triage; >20 minute for visit). When we hypothetically implemented the 45 minute appointment interval idea, there were four long wait times; for those with changed appointment times, total time at clinic decreased a median of 35 minutes, and four of those patients went home at the same time as before; overall clinic time increased only 15 minutes. When we also hypothetically implemented other ideas, there were three long wait times; overall two patients went home earlier, six went home at same time, and one went home 15 minutes later.   This was in spite of the fact that five of them arrived at the clinic as much as 45 minutes later than they would normally have been scheduled.
This study was conceived, executed and analyzed by Elizabeth Liao, Head Scribe and Volunteer Coordinator, RotaCare Richmond Clinic. It provides two specific recommendations that decrease the long wait times with significantly increasing the time clinics need to be staffed.

RotaCare Gilroy Update: Help Wanted!
RotaCare Gilroy is currently seeking volunteers for the following positions:
  • Advisory Council Member (to help with fundraising efforts & community outreach)
  • Spanish speaking interpreters
  • Scribes (will be trained on EMR system)
  • Front Desk Staff
  • Screening/Triage Staff (registered nurses, EMT's, medical assistants, LVN's)
Please contact Felicia Barkley, Clinic Operations Manager for more details at 408-676-3030 or email at


The Monterey RotaCare clinic includes an experienced team of primary care providers, as well as specialists, including a neurologist, hematologist, orthopedist, dermatologist and a rheumatologist. When patients require services beyond our clinic's scope of practice, we have identified low-cost resources and developed some valuable partnerships. Our staff and patients would like to thank three exceptional examples of professionals who graciously donate their time and expertise:

-        Audiology: At the Valley Hearing Center locations in Salinas and Monterey, Larry Solow, PhD and his staff provide complimentary hearing exams to our patients with hearing loss and other auditory conditions.

-        Optometry: With the assistance of the staff at Target Optical in Sand City, Dr. David Nguyen has conducted countless eye exams with a focus on retinal exams for our diabetic population.

-        Otolaryngology: We are grateful for the physicians at Central Coast Head and Neck Surgeons who have provided medical care to our patients needing ENT services.

Without their generosity, our patients would not be able to afford the care they need to remain productive members of the Monterey Peninsula community.
We are seeking additional volunteers as our clinic works toward implementing the Athena Electronic Health Record (EHR).

-        Part-time Clinic Coordinator to assist the COM with general clinic management. Bi-lingual candidate preferred.

-        Project Manager/CIO to oversee and coordinate the implementation of the EHR.

Please contact Debbie Gill RN, Clinic Operations Manager (COM) if you, or someone you know, might be interested in either position.

Innovative Projects & Plans 

All summer long our clinics continued to work to accommodate patient needs especially in the prevention and management of chronic conditions such as diabetes, and asthma. 

And while we continued to meet our mission, we also come together to talk about innovation, collaboration, and expansion.. . Click here to read more about our exciting projects and plans.
RotaCare Concord Update: Farewell Tess!!

Farewell to an Amazing Individual!
Tess Soper has been with Rotacare Concord since August of 2016. Her enthusiasm and commitment knows no bounds. She is an impressive and inspirational individual. Tess is warm, kind and generous with patients as well as her fellow co-workers. Her dependability and compassion for what we do is truly admirable! She is prolific in all aspects of the running of the clinics from registration, triage, scribing, and discharge. She also does orientation for new volunteers as well as help teach diabetes education classes. Tess even started a clothing drive last year during the holiday season that still continues!
Tess will bend over backwards to make sure that our patients get what they need and that they leave the clinic empowered with knowledge and understanding about their health issues. Tess has been invaluable to us and exemplifies all the qualities we want in our health care professionals. We are so lucky to have had her here. She is highly regarded and loved by all.
We will miss her terribly as she embarks upon her Nursing education and career at UC Davis. She is a remarkable person who will be an asset wherever she goes!

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