Hope Midweek Live
Hope Midweek Live: Worship and Prayer is this Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Click  here  to register. To view the lyrics for worship, click  here .
Next Wednesday , April 22, we’ll have Hope Midweek Live: Cutting Room Floor . Click  here  to register for Cutting Room Floor. If you have questions about recent Sunday morning messages or readings from This Is the Story, send them to cuttingroomfloor@hopemason.org .
Love Your Neighbor
Spend some time this week reflecting on 1 Peter 3:15. Does your neighbor know the source of your hope during this pandemic? A first step might be praying and then watching for an opportunity to briefly share with them how Jesus has been challenging and comforting you this Easter season. Keep it short, keep praying for them, and trust our risen Lord to do His work in you and your neighbor!
Are You Connected?
It’s crucial for us to walk with other Christ-followers through this time. We’re creating new small groups, specifically for online connection during the coronavirus crisis. For more information, reach out to Bill Craig at bcraig@hopemason.org.
Discussion Questions for Sunday
We’ve added questions related to the message each week for you to use for personal reflection or small group discussion. You can find the questions by clicking the button labeled “sermon questions” under the video of the service.
Life During a Pandemic
Each week we're sharing a video message from a Hope Church leader about how they are handling the coronavirus situation. This week—a message from Jim Dunn.
We’re Here to Help
We understand that besides feeling isolated and disconnected, many people are being affected by the coronavirus in their work life. If you’ve lost your job because of the outbreak, let us know. Email Steve Griebling at sgriebling@hopemason.org or Shelli Doolin at sdoolin@hopemason.org.
This will not last forever. We will get back to normal. Hang in there!